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'I have been sitting here crying, smiling, and laughing while going through this website for the last two hours. Reading about the warriors and the angels. This is a phenomenal website. I have some very close f riends with JRA who would benefit from this site immensely' -C.C.

Pain Management

Just as there are many different types of arthritis pain, there are many different ways to ease those pains. Medications and alternative therapies do a great job for many however they aren't always enough. In this section we'll cover other types of Pain Management techniques.

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Are you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis pain and need relief? Try our arthritis medications information section. There you will find information on the latest arthritis medications and remedies.

If you are living with arthritis and need tips, diet information, home treatment options, travel tips then see our Living with arthritis page.

If you looking for the latest arthritis books, organizations in your area and the latest web links try our arthritis resources section to get help.

Still have questions? Try our arthritis message boards where you can meet others who may be able to help.

Member Stories

Ever get the feeling that no one can possibly understand your pain? Well, guess what- many of us know exactly where you are coming from. We DO understand, we are living with it too. Here is where we will share our stories. How arthritis entered our lives, the changes it brought and how we live with those changes.

Arthritis Medications

There are so many different drugs used in arthritis treatment that it would be nearly impossible for us to cover them all. However, we're going to give it our best shot. Here are some of the drugs you will find information on in our Arthritis Medication Index

Message Boards

With over 2300 users you won't find a more active arthritis board on the web! Current topics include: BIG effects from my first Humira injection, Just starting Enbrel-would like some advice, Anyone on weekly injections of Humira?, Dropping Prednisone?, Jaw pain, Advice Please, muscle spasms, arthroscopic knee surgery and much, much more.

Question of the Week

A new question every week! The questions will range from serious to funny and will cover a wide range of topics. Check out this week's question and tell us what you think.

Clinical Trials

There is currently no cure for any type of arthritis. However, there are many effective treatments. How did these treatments come about? Through much research and clinical trials. Before any drug makes it to market it goes through a series of clinical trials. In this section we'll learn about clinical trials and how you can participate in one.