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We figured we’re entitled to brag a little bit! We’re very proud to be honored & recognized by the following sources:

We Bees are very pleased to bee-stow the Hoosier Stars Award upon your Web title. You have worked hard to create an outstanding contribution to the Web and we thank you for your excellent NETctar.
Netscape Open Directory Cool Site!
The Sequoia Award is presented to outstanding websites that provide
information related to health and wellness. It is our way of congratulating
people for their efforts to share important information for the good of all
the people.

Congratulations!!……Your site definitely qualifies for the “Critical Mass Award”. A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.
You’ve got alot of useful content, well done!
Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, educational and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits 🙂
What a wonderful resource on arthritis, whether the viewer is lay person or healthcare professional! Having several MDs affiliated with your site really helps lend credibility to the information, as does the depth of content covering the many types of diseases. Your site has a very clean layout, nice navigation theme, and attractive graphics. The interactivity is great with chat and forums, providing many ways for arthritis sufferers to seek information. Well done! 

We like your web site so much that we’ve added it to the directory.
Criteria for selection include:
-Content of interest to healthcare professionals
-Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level Site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level
J.J.’s World Of Courage And Honor
Critics Choice Award
You have an
incredibly effective site: it is ambient, full of excellent and well-
presented information, with great navigation and discussion
boards. It won’t be long until your site is not just a nationwide
favorite, but a global favorite. There is something special about
the site, in terms of the way it treats visitors. Great work.
The Silver Sphere Award Program is set up to recognize websites displaying excellence in content and design. This Award Program is looking to attract designers in general that have gone beyond the standards of web design excellence. This is a difficult competition among excellent sites that are at the top of the net and at the leading edge of website design.

AOL likes us too! Thanks AOL!

Purpose of the award: To recognize and honor sites on the web that have offered knowledge and advice to the world. The environment, nature, animals, people, and education are all eligible topics that may be considered. The award is not for sites that illustrate superior web design; it is for sites that ‘give’ something rare or important and sites that ‘care’.
Congratulations, your web site Arthritis Insight has been recognized with a 3/4 rating from Medical Resource Reviews Database!
Quality Rating (0-4) is assigned to each site, normally as average of opinions of three of our staff MD reviewers, based on site comprehensiveness, clarity, layout and visibility on the Web.

Out of 239 arthritis related websites, Netscape picked us as the Editor’s Choice!

Excerpt from article: In 1996, Tina Underwood, of Akron Ohio, had developed almost constant fevers and fatigue. She has several sprains and strains that had not healed. She had numerous very painful joints. This went on for about six months until her doctor finally tested her for rheumatoid arthritis.

So what is rheumatoid arthritis? Tina gives a very good description at her website,

“Over the past weeks we have visited your site many times, we found your
site has meet the high standard for an award from The Manor and on
behalf of all of The Manor Award Team I am honored to present you with an award from The Manor, the “Asset To The Web Award”. We really enjoyed our time on your site and found it very informative.
Congratulations from all of us at the manor.”
The Internet is the one resource where information can be shared and presented in creative ways. These awards are set to recognize and give praise to those web masters and designers who stare at a monitor into the late hours of the night and dare, to be creative and dare to be different, and make a positive make on the web and make it a better place for all.
Criteria for selection include:
Content of interest to healthcare professionals
Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level
Site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level
A high level of integrity and credibility
One of only four TOP Rated arthritis sites!
The Giant Tomato Award highlights some of the best sites on the Internet.
To be considered for an award a site must qualify for at least three of the following categories:
High Quality Design
Gives Reason for Visitors to Return
Contains Valuable Resources
Customer Satisfaction
Gives to Community