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Does anyone know why one of the tests they give for PMR is a chest xray?  I had one the first time I visited the rheumatologist. Then I read on some medical site that when they are giving that diagnoise, they give the chest xray.   MaryI don't know why, but I had one too.  They xray my hands which I questioned, because my fingers and toes never hurt.  They said they can tell if you're developing RA from the hand xray.  Also, we can't ignore the fact that their Mercedes payments might be due.Gee, I never got a chest x-ray. I feel slighted (just kidding). Guess my dr. had his Mercedes paid off already? I do tease about what vacation they're planning on next, since some of the test - and the costs for them - are a "little" out of line.


You both are so funny :-)  thank you for the chuckle

Hi everybody,

 I had never heard of the chest xray ting, but now that you maention it, my dr. did order a couple sets of chest xrays on me. I understood the first set, because I had broken seven ribs in August and in late December only two of them had healed completely because of the steroids....but....the second set of xrays were of the soft lung tissue. The kind of xrays you would have if you had pneumonia. I didn't even have a slight cough, and I did wonder why he wanted the xrays, but never asked. It wasn't as if I had punctured any organs with the broken ribs because they had been healing for almost 5 don't know what they were looking for or how they could diagnose anything with chest xrays. But it certainly is interesting. Susan M.

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I found one site that said they do chest x-rays more if you have GCA, as one of the things that can lead to is thoracic aortic aneurism, and that's a real baddie!!! not sure why they would do it if you have only PMR, unless maybe your sed rate is over 50, and they want to be safe.