Community Center

Welcome to the heart of Arthritis Insight, our Community Center. It is here you’ll find the understanding of others with arthritis. From the message boards to the chatroom, it’s all about support!


Member Stories
Ever get the feeling that no one can possibly understand your pain? Well, guess what- many of us know exactly where you are coming from. We DO understand, we are living with it too.
Here is where we will share our stories. How arthritis entered our lives, the changes it brought and how we live with those changes. Or tell us about your joint replacement or other surgery experience. Reading others’ stories makes us feel less alone and sharing our stories gets it all off our chests.
Here are a few to get you started:
Indy Ron aka Ron Griffin
Krissy Jo aka Tina Underwood
Sarah Miller
Marie Ann Quiles
Melanie Allen
Ken Akers
Laura Meyer
Protein Folding Team
Huh? Even the ungeekiest of gimps can use their computers to help science understand the protein folding problem. And maybe someday, it’ll be used to cure what ails us! Please join our Protein Folding Team and let’s kick some butt!
Do you have to register as a member to use Arthritis Insight? Of course not, but we would appreciate it if you did. This lets us keep track of who is using the website, suggestions for additions for the site, and you can opt to receive our free weekly newsletter!
Members CAN
It seems we sometimes spend much time talking about what we CAN’T do with arthritis. Enough of that! In this section we’ll focus on what we CAN do.

Find a member and click go.

NEW! Where’s Arthur?
A macarena loving stuffed gorilla is going to make his way around the world – one Arthritis Insight message board poster at a time. Join in the fun!
Question of the Week
A new question every week! The questions will range from serious to funny and will cover a wide range of topics. This week’s question:
From Susan:
How many people are relatively pain-free with their arthritis, and how did that come about?
Ken Akers Cheer Fund
Know an Arthritis Insight member that’s going through a rough time? Maybe they have an upcoming surgery? A flare that’s just not going away? Help us spread smiles and good cheer to our community members in need by submitting the name of a member that needs a little pick-me-up!
Support chats, informative chats, fun chats, we have them all. Stop in and make some new friends.
Message Boards
Easy to use message boards on a wide range of topics. A great way to connect with others.
Birthday Board
List your birthday so the community members can send you their best wishes on your special day. And hey, this is the internet, you can lie about your age!
Greeting Cards
E-greeting cards specially created for folks with arthritis! Send your support pals one today! (We have some for the ‘regular’ folks too!) Check them out!
Photo Album
Pictures of you, your family, your dog, your pet alligator, we want to see them! Let’s share some photos and get to know each other better.
Member Directory
You asked for it! Here it is! A place to find others with similar interests, or ask about them about their experiences or just make new friends. Get listed today!
Member Websites
We’ve found that many of our community members have created wonderful websites on a huge variety of subjects. What a great way to get to know each other better!
Get Involved
Advocacy issues, local events and national meetings, you’ll find the scoop right here.