Living With Arthritis

You will never hear any of us saying that life with arthritis is easy. It’s difficult, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But there are some ways to make life just a bit easier. We’ll share some of those ways with you and hope that you share your ideas with us.

Tips & Hints
Martha Stewart we ain’t, but we do have a lot of tips and hints to make everyday chores a little easier.

Get Cooking!
Chopping, dicing, slicing, stirring and mixing mean one thing…pain for those of us with arthritis in the hands. Here you’ll find some cooking tips and everyone’s favorite, ‘Cooking with Char!’

Home Treatments
Instructions for making rice socks, the best source of moist heat you’ll ever find, along with some other treatments you can do easily at home.

Diet and Nutrition
So far there is no diet scientifically proven to help arthritis (except for gout) but there sure are a lot of opinions and personal experiences. Personally, I feel that we all have to find what works for us. No two people are the same and no two people react the same way to any given treatment. Diet is no different. And of course, there is no doubt that eating a healthy, balanced diet can only improve our overall health and well being.

Traveling can be a pretty daunting task when you’re healthy. When you’re trying to travel with arthritis it can be frustrating just trying to get the car packed to go the airport – let alone deal with the plane, the shuttle, rental car, hotel, etc. Frustrating yes, impossible? NO WAY! In this section we’ll talk about some ways to make travel easier.

AI Help Desk
Does your computer have you perplexed? Need some answers? Never fear! Linda to the rescue!

Raising kids isn’t easy, especially when one parent has arthritis. But it is worth it!

Social Security Disability Insurance
Everything you wanted to know about SSDI but were afraid to ask!

Fight the Fatigue!
Fatigue busting tips from our members. Share yours!

Advice for Better Living
Advice from those who know best! People with arthritis!

Arthritis may change the way we garden, but we don’t have to stop doing it!

It isn’t always easy, but it has to be done. Let’s find out what others do for exercise.

We thought it would be fun to hear about your pets, so we’re devoting this section to doing just that!

For Our Friends & Family
If you have a loved one who has arthritis, this section is just for you. This is also where you’ll find ‘Rosie’s Significant Other Spot!’

Arthritis & Depression
It’s not hard to figure out that those of us in chronic pain will eventually experience depression to some degree. In this section we’ll find out how others deal with it and share tips for handling it.

Arthritis & Employment
It isn’t¬†always easy, but we can make it with a little help from our friends.

Health Insurance
As much as we may b*itch and moan about the health insurance companies, face it, most of us in the US would not be managing our arthritis without it. In this section we’ll discuss health insurance, how we handle it and how it effects us.