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Is this arthritis? Several times I’ve had a paralyzed neck from pain at the top of the neck where muscles go?into each side of the skull.?One doctor said is was a virus.? One said it was arthritis.? I never heard of arthritis making one’s neck paralyzed.? For 2-3 days I could not turn my head very much either way.

Anyone else have this happen?

My doctor just gave me some samples of Vioxx 25 for my arthritis pain. I had been taking 3 aspirin (325 mg each) about 4 times a day, sometimes more, which gave some partial relief. It was like an instant miracle. Pain left totally almost immediately. I could move, I could walk up and down stairs one after the other instead of one at a time hanging on to the rail in fear of falling from pain and thinking I just couldn’t make it to the top, I could get down on my knees and up again! I was able to stand and walk and work for hours instead of just a few minutes. 3 days later: pain still gone, but effect doesn’t appear to last a full 24 hours. Woke up in middle of night with severe pain in right hip and knee. Took 3 aspirin. Pain gone after 30 minutes. Slight headache, nausea and intermittent burning sensation in stomach. Got on internet to see if dosage of Vioxx should be increased or taken more frequently. Read about side effect of increased heart attack risk and that I’m currently taking max dosage, also that probably shouldn’t take aspirin with Vioxx. I have been walking around in happy ignorance with my “happy pill”, as my 12-year old calls it, because mom is no longer an old grouch hobbling around like she’s 90 instead of 53, but now I’m worried. Is it worth it? How big is the risk of heart attack (mom died of a stroke & heart attack at 73, dad of heart attack at 46, my husband and son need me alive and functioning)? Should I take the pill in shorter time frames? Will my body get used to this or require more as my arthritis worsens? Is there a better choice than Vioxx? Dare I take an aspirin? Does this actually lessen the arthritis or just the perception of the pain? How long before side effects occur?

Anyone out there with Vioxx experience?

I found have arthritis in my neck area live with all my life, now point can’t hardly turn my neck much on left side, try exercises nothing helps ..Pain in constant. Lost knowing what else to do here. Tire of pain. Take calcium and walk lot also. Any one give me advise or anyone else have this trouble here? Really need answer doc said something have learn live with.

Any suggestions to deal with a stiff neck?

My daughter has IRA she was diagnosed at age 2, she received SSI benefits when she turned 5 years old, when she turned 7 she went into remission.Her SSI benefits were taken away, when she was 9 years old her arthritis return, so we are trying to get these benefits back, we have been waiting for a judge’s decision for 8 months. Why would this decision be any different from before, she’s currently taking methrotrexate weekly, and been having a lot of stomach pain which has resulted in a lot of missed school days. Have the rules changed in children receiving SSI benefits for arthritis? We are a low income family, these benefits would really help, medical card just doesn’t buy gas and food, when you have to be at a lot of dr. appointments, its costly. How do you feel about her chances of getting her SSI check back?

Anyone else dealing with SSI benefits for your child?


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