Get Cooking

Mealtime can be quite a dilemma for a person with arthritis. How can you enjoy a meal that has made you miserable thanks to all the slicing, dicing, mixing and stirring involved in it’s creation? It isn’t easy, but we’ll help you out.

Cooking with Char!
Every week in the Arthritis Insight Newsletter Char has been bringing us fantastic recipes adapted to make them arthritis friendly where possible. We’ll keep them all right here for easy browsing.

Just Bring A Salad
How many times have you been invited to a picnic – asked the host/hostess what you can bring and been given a simple “…why don’t you bring a salad?”

Short Cuts
Let Kim McCarthy take you grocery shopping, pointing out all the shortcuts available in each section.

The Arthritis Friendly Kitchen
It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to make your kitchen more arthritis friendly.

Easy and delicious are the only requirements.

Cooking Links
Our Webrarian has been busy digging up some great cooking links.