Cooking with Char!


Cooking with Char

Every week in the Arthritis Insight Newsletter Char has been bringing us fantastic recipes adapted to make them arthritis friendly where possible. Between Char and our Community Members, the recipes are piling up and we were afraid maybe digging through past newsletters was beginning to be a pretty confusing way to track down a recipe you needed. We’re making it so, so easy to lay your hands on all of the recipes featured in “Cooking with Char” by categorizing them and putting them in their own section.

We’re always looking for easy, tasty, tempting concoctions – if you’ve got one send it to Char, if she uses it in the newsletter you’ll get a personal thank you and a copy of the Cooking with Char Mini Cookbook.

Ready to start cooking? Take a look at these:

Comfort Foods

The cure for the blues!
Heat up the Grill!

It’s Summertime!

Do Gimps really cook breakfast?
Casseroles & Soups

Hot and hearty!

“Soup” it up with
Campbell’s Soup!

Mm Mm Good!
Main Dishes

Fill ’em up!
Crockpot Recipes

A gimp’s best friend.


Did someone say ‘chocolate’?

More chocolate?


Can you tell we love chocolate around here?


Overflowing garden? Let Char help.

Sides & Snacks

Holiday Foods

Tis the season!
Meals for 2!

Or 1 if you’re real hungry!
Party Foods

You’re all invited!


For the rabbits among us!