Arthritis & Depression

It’s not hard to figure out that those of us in chronic pain will eventually experience depression to some degree. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide, it’s a natural, normal part of living with a chronic disease. In this section we’ll find out how others deal with it and share tips for handling it.

Color Me Blue
Our community members share their experiences with depression.

Depression Information from the NIMH
Some facts about depression.

Good Doc/Bad Doc
Ron Griffin talks about finding a good metal health professional

Advice from the ‘Experts’
Our community members speak from experience!

Self Test
Are you depressed? Find out with this test from the National Policy and Resource Center on Women and Aging.

What Gets Us Down?
What part of arthritis is the hardest for you to handle emotionally?

Sometimes sharing our experiences can be a healing process.

Weapons Against Depression
Tools for fighting the blues.

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