Weapons Against the Blues

We asked: What
is your best tool for dealing with the blues? And of course we had some
great responses:

New! “Believe it or not I always clean the house. Now I plan one project a day to feel useful. Today I cleaned out a bookcase,tomorrow, I mop the kitchen. and I spend alot of my time on the internet and love a good book. I tend to get mad rather than depressed. I am allergic to the drugs such as mobic, celebrex etc..so no pain relief.. would be nice.” -Barbara

“Chocolate? He he he. No, I think just
to have a good cry and talk about what I’m feeling with Ben (my fiance’).
Music helps. A hot bath. A warm heating pad where it hurts that smells good.
Getting out of the house as soon as I feel better. That is a big part of not
letting it eat away at you. Get back on the horse, ya know?” -Kashana

“I put on some of my favorite music,
and/or call a friend. Sometimes I give my self a good “talking to”
in front of a mirror, telling myself that things could be much worse, and
that I had better shape up.Try it. It works for me most of the time”

“I have Arthritis. It effects my life.
I deal with it as best I can. Being sad because I have RA is not going to
help me feel any better, so I may as well try to be in a good mood. I choose
to be happy. Also, a smile from my 2 year old or a hug and kiss from my 4
year old and I am Happy!” -Sue

“A positive mental attitude, counting
my blessings and realizing how lucky I really am.” -Robin

“Sewing” -Marion

“Not that it is an answer but my
drinking has increased fairly dramatically over the course of this
year.” -Elizabeth

“I am off Effexor now and find that
getting involved with other people has helped me with the blues. If I feel
I’m helping someone then I’m not focused on my aches and pains.”

“Taking a walk, dancing, trying to
think about wellness (what IS healthy about me) instead of sickness and
never getting better. This is not easy to do.” -Gaye

“I turn to my Lord in prayer”

“Medication, positive self-talk,
action vs thinking about it, and communication with other people by giving
of myself (sometimes whether they want it or not!).” -Melanie

“Thinking and doing for others. When I
start feeling sorry for myself, I think of all my friends on the
alt.support.arthritis newsgroup…how some of them are bedridden, several
have arthritis at a far more advanced stage than I do, etc. Sometimes that
helps me to focus more on what I can do than on what I can’t.” -DeeTee

“I try to back off of the things that
bothers me the most, whethter it is work or whatever. I try to do the best
to relax.” -Vickie

“read scriptures, exercise, eat
chocolate” -Peggy

“Support from others in ASA and the 12
Step program I belong to. Both are good places for me to talk about how I’m
feeling, feel the empathy of others and find some peace with myself and my
OA” -Raven

“I always try to stop the depression
before it flares up. I remind myself of all my blessings. My friend’s child
was recently in the Cancer & Blood Disorder Ward of Children’s
Hospital…I remind myself there are other people suffering far worse.”

“Getting out of the house and being
around people.” -Linda

“I just try to have a positive outlook
and I believe strongly in the power of prayer. So I pray alot and I have a
wonderful mother whom I live with and she is a wonderful person and my very
best friend.” -Sharon

“I do something fun like swimming,
which I enjoy. I belong to the Y and go there frequently. Or I do something
that will make me laugh, like read something comical or watch a video.”

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