Member’s Experiences

We’ve all heard the tales. “I quit eating meat (diary, wheat, potatoes, sugar, whatever the case may be) and I am cured of my arthritis.” Call me a skeptic but I just don’t think it is that easy. That isn’t to say that diet doesn’t have a role in treating arthritis, I just don’t think it has a large impact in the majority of people. However, there is no doubt that eating a healthy, balanced diet can only improve our overall health and well being.

I am a firm believer that each of us has to find what works for us personally. If a specific diet eased your symptoms, wonderful! We asked if a certain type helped your symptoms and though the response was slim, some of you have had success with diet modification. Here’s what you said:

“I stay away from refined foods, dairy, meat, hydrogenated fats and I eat rice, rice pastas, vegetables raw and cooked, some non GMO soy products, various beans and bean dishes like Lentil soup, vegetarian chili etc.”

“Went on an elimination diet 4 years ago, primarily for hayfever but the allergy Dr was interested to see if it helped my arthritis aches. Off all dairy, wheat, nightshade plants, caffeine, tomatoes and a few other things. Re-introduced one type of food at a time every 2 days to see if there was a reaction. There wasn’t – but my hayfever went away ( had been continual for 18 months) and so did arthritis aches. I stopped taking medication before the diet and did not need to go back on it for approx. 18mths – 2 years. Dr was puzzled as to what I was allergic to.”

“My husband and I have chosen Sugar Busters as a new lifesyle of eating healthy foods. It is mostly about staying away from refined sugar and white flour. It is working as far as weight loss and feeling healthier. I think drinking alot of water helps with inflamation.”

“I don’t really believe that I can do a diet as radical as the one’s I’ve read about that help people (ie. no sugar, white foods, etc). I know that I don’t have that kind of will power. I did give up the night shade food group, when I was first dx’d but saw no difference, so why give up things I enjoy.”

“Although there are some acidic diets that have shown to aggravate arthritis in some folks, usually one can eat whatever they want. I think the real key is to eat foods when it’s time to take medications so they will work efficiently and act faster getting into the system, and, also that won’t upset the gastrointestinal tract with these medications. I have found that that is the best way to approach diet. Eat what you like but make sure it doesn’t interfere with the medications.”

“i was not allowed to eat meat, dairy, refined sugar, and only whole grain carbohydrates. after four weeks, i ended the diet.”

This week we’ll look into some types of diets and nutrition factors and what they may mean to people with arthritis. If you have a diet and nutrition story to share, we’d really love to hear! Please click here to send your story.