Gabriela’s Story

I am from Germany so please excuse my language faults:

I have been diagnosed for RA since I was 23 years (now I am 47years). At first I didn’t take any conventional treatment, only diet and fasting. It worked. My acute inflammation subsided after 3 weeks of fruit-juice and vegetable juice fasting. Afterwards I ate very healthy, lots of fresh and wholesome foods, whole grains, less sugars and so on.

After about 10 years (symptom free years) I had another attack, this time not only my fingers, but the whole hand was very much inflamed incl. some other parts of my body. I had to take conventional RA medicines as the pains were too unbearable. However – during this year I started to eat very healthy again, took all the amalgam out of my teeth, went to a naturopath who treated me for candida and did a lot of other treatments to eliminate possible toxins out of my system. Including a kind of relaxing exercise using positive medicinal visualizations. I did quite a lot of alternative treatments possible.

I juice-fasted again for some 3 weeks. Afterwards I ate lots of raw foods again. Although my Rheumatologist advised me to never stop my medication I did so on my own after my symptoms were gone. Again I lived for about 10 years symptom free.

Now – with 47 years I am taking methotrexate and celebrex because it is necessary. I had fasted again this time for 4 weeks out of fear to have to take methotrexate. During the juice fasting I took no medications at all and felt very well and had very little pains. After I started eating again, however my symptoms and pains recurred and I decided to try methotrexate. It is helping me very very much with no side-effects. However – I will from time to time try again to get off all these medications and get back to “normal” . Maybe it’s not possible, maybe it is again.

I think it’s necessary to try. I don’t think my life would have been very healthy had I taken conventional medicines all my life as my doctors suggested. My own efforts have been very crucial to me and somehow I will never depend alone on conventional treatments and doctor’s advises. Although they are immense helpful I find it necessary to dig into my own resources and research and efforts.

I believe that juice-fasting is a very powerful healing and detoxification method that every RA patient should give it a try. And also I believe eating the best available healthy food with the least processed food will help in healing.

Prior to all the occurrences of RA symptoms I felt psychologically distressed and I kind of think that this distress triggered my auto-immune attacks on my tissues. To be aware off and to get help for these issues is for me also part of a necessary healing process.

Sorry if this story was too long and it wasn’t only about diet but I always wanted to share my experiences with other people.

Thank you. Gabriela