Julian’s Story

12 years ago I had osteo arthritis with bony nodules on the joints of my left hand (left handed much manual work) and a frozen left shoulder. Having found some relief from pain some years before�by cutting out cookies and sweet deserts from my diet�I researched the subject and found the connection between saturated fat, sugar and refined flour products with many degenerative diseases, also the myth of polyunsaturated fat being ‘heathy’, in fact it tends to clump the blood cells, reduces capillary circulation and is associated with a higher cancer risk. By sticking to a diet that cut all these to a minimum, and adding a blood thinner, green (fresh) ginger about 6grms daily, I lost all pain and symptoms. I met my wife soon after that and she had chronic arthritis as a result of a bad fall some years previously, and the same regimen worked for her. As an Arthritis specialist said to me, there is no proven link between diet and arthritis, but nod, wink, ifit works for you, go for it.�Happier times, readers, try it!