Leila’s Story

Perseverance to be Pain Free

I was diagnosed with RA in 1995. I didn’t know what RA was and had no concept of the damage it could do. The RA attacked my feet first and made it very painful to walk. There were times when I would be on crutches or have to use a cane. I read everything I could find on this terrible disease and learned I was fighting a losing battle. Being a very active person, I was not willing to accept limitations. Then I came across an article on breakthrough diets for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Around this time, my knee was acting up so much that my doctor had scheduled me for surgery. When I read this article I immediately tried the suggestions thinking I could avoid a surgery (I hate needles!). Upon trying this diet, my knee stopped swelling, the pain was gone and I could move my knee like it had never been affected! At my pre-op appointment my doctor was amazed, he couldn’t believe he was looking at the same knee.�

I have read a lot of articles over the years, and I developed a negative response to most of those joint cures, but this diet costs nothing, and may help you! If I help one person by writing this article I will be so happy. I want someone else to experience the success I have.�


Several scientific studies have shown food can be a controlling agent in RA. In one way, specific food components can relieve pain and naturally oil the joints to ease movement. Another way is to avoid specific foods that may cause an allergic type reaction that triggers RA symptoms in the joints. After doing a fast and introducing one food at a time, I found my offender is milk and milk products. Just a glass of milk doesn’t cause me pain, but I have found if over a period of a week of consuming milk products every day, I will be in horrible pain and have bad swelling. If, however, I limit my milk intake to one half glass every other day, I have no painful joints at all! The article I read suggests the following foods can aggravate RA and cause pain and swelling. Since RA affects every person differently, the food allergy will also affect every person differently. I have only found milk to be my enemy, but other people find the enemy to be red meat, or any of the food items in this list.