What Do You Do?

We asked: Are you employed? If so, what do you do? And you said:

‘I am a medical transcriptionist..on FMLA and short term disability…fibromyalgia, lupus and osteoarthritis.’

‘I’m a social worker for a state social service agency. I do investigations of elderly abuse, facilitate grants for people with chronic disabilities & ABI along with other duties related to the welfare office. I have RA and still work 40 hours. I do home visits and use a computer. Both are difficult during a flare.’

‘Im Cathy and I am the assistant to the Personnel Director for a mid-sized city. I have lupus and fibromyalgia (not to mention a grocery list of other problems). I LOVE my job and my boss even more. She brought up the idea for a reasonable accommodation for an adjusted work schedule. We all know that half the days battle is actually getting out of the bed and getting to work! I now work 10 to 6, much to the chagrin of some of my fellow employees (none of whom are in the department that I work in so it doesn’t affect them at all!) I told one woman who demanded to know why I was allowed to do this and I told her I would gladly trade being able to come in late for her health. That shut her up quickly!’

‘Hi, was seen by my orthopedics doctor for shoulder pain now more pain in both of my arms and right elbow, ankles and hands, soon will be going to a rhemuatologist 1st doctor says I might have fibro, anyway I work in a candy factory(Hershey’s) I run a machine and pack candy all day long, very repetitious,its good money I have been there for 22yrs, but I think the job is ruining my health.’ – Karen

‘Hi, I worked at a Flexo packaging plant. Where we print, laminate and slit rolls down to customers specs. I worked in the slitting department for eight years. I started having swelling in my knees and pain down my legs. I first seen a doctor who told me I had a torn meniscus. And that with arthroscopic surgery, I would be off work two weeks and everything would be fine. Guess What, I have had three more surgeries, and am left with two options, 1. Live with it! 2. Have arthroplasty surgery done. I have been suffering with this for 3 years now and I am getting no where. I have been in therapy forever. Has anyone else had an arthroplasty done?? I would like some advice on what kind of results you had. I am getting really leery about any more surgeries, but I don’t have a life now either.’ – Brenda K. ‘I work for a major telecommunications company in customer service.I have psoriatic arthritis and am currently on long term disability.They are threatning to fire me because I have been off since January and am unable to type for long periods of time due to my arthritis. I have been thinking of a career change but unable to decide. Any suggestions?’

&nbsP;’I am 41 years old and a welder in a factory.&nbsP; This is the craziest thing that has ever happened to me.&nbsP; My boss thought I had fallen arches and after a few weeks of not hardly being able to walk (my boots are really heavy too), he sent me to his foot doctor.&nbsP; That doctor was great but nothing he tried helped so&nbsP; he referred me to the rheumatologist I’m seeing now.&nbsP;&nbsP;I’m sort of at a loss as to what to do now.&nbsP; I guess I’ll just keep taking the medicine and hopefully it will start to kick in soon.&nbsP; It’s driving me crazy though, will I ever be going back to work?&nbsP; They ask me to take short term disability until this was better because my production manager said it looked bad for the company to have me there. ‘-SA