Do You Hear What I hear?

Well! You guys are just little chatter-boxes when it comes to exercise and Arthritis! A big thank-you to everybody that filled out the survey! You’ve made me tired just reading all these survey results…think I’ll go take a nap while you guys check out what our community members have to say! ;o)

“…not difficult but it is a challenge. because if i dont take my time and warm up properly, i’ll hurt something else…”

“…I invented a combination of stretching stiff areas and tensing and holding(isometrics)muscles taut that helps to stabilize the ligaments supporting my joints. It stretches my spine and strengthens my muscles. I use headphones because it drowns out the inevitable cracking sounds (yes,I am serious!). I use to be aphysical therapist assistant and learned to isolate each muscle to stretch or strengthen. I also use light hand weights in the Range of Motion section of my exercise.I try to do this for an hour at a time four times a week. I built up to this time and the ability to use a little heavier weights(the hand grip ones at the bargain store are great!) I do not go overboard when it is tough and just do my best. I also try to walk at least twice a week. I help out in a day care and we do intense dance classes there (Yes, I am serious!). Dancing seems to be the best exercise I do,most fun too! This exercise is just something that works for me…”

“…I used to think it was laziness. Then I got some exercises I really like and I STILL forget to do them. Fibro fog, I guess…”

“…Even a day at the zoo or park is history for me because I have osteo in my lower back and cannot stand (or walk) for more than 10 or 15 minutes without sitting down to relieve the pain. Although I’d like to do tone up exercises, they always leave me a “party favor” the next day in the form of very stiff and aching joints. I hear swimming is great, but never seem to have the energy to pursue. Seems like a vicious circle…”

“…It is really a shame that there are not more places for arthritis exercises in warm water. It really can help to keep the joints moving. Most places are very pricey and have limited openings…”

“…I am unable to do all the things I used to…I used to do circuits on machines and weights but now I can’t put the stress on the joints with those types of exersizes…I used to love to walk too and can’t get very far now…”

“…I feel like a loser as it is so difficult for me to exercise. Even water exercises, that are suppose to be the easiest on the body, are too difficult for me. I just don’t know what to do. Not being able to be very mobile has caused my depression to become worse!..”

“…I think exerciuse is key to my ability to function…”

“…Does anyone know of a grabby type thing for weeding. I have very little grip and can’t bend down good. I use one of those little garden cart things you sit on but it is a little awkward and I still have trouble getting up…”

“…I used to go to a class but some of the exercises just hurt too much…”

“…I love swimming and have tried water exercises as it makes my body feel good…..however the next day I can’t move…it’s very frustrating…”