Thanks to Our Loved Ones

When Jo sent me the following letter I thought “WOW! What a great idea!” A place to publicly thank our family and friends for their support. To thank your family and friends click here.

‘I would like to say a big thank you to all my family as they have been so supportive as my RA progresses My Daughter Jaguar is worth all the tea in China to me not only does Jaguar have her own problems with her knees and operations Jaguar still finds time to be such a great help to me.

We live almost 1,000 KLM apart in this vast country of Australia,but are kept close by e mail and the telephone. Jaguar has had me with RA since she was 14 years old and now Jaguar is in her 30s with a family of her own. Its every mums wish to have a wonderful daughter and I am so lucky as I have one.
Thank you Jaguar’

I want to say a thank you to my Mom Missy,  She has been my angel since I got diagnosed a year ago,  She has never missed a drs appointment with me.  When I am in pain or need someone to talk to she is always there for me.  Somedays I dont know what I would do without her.  When I am down she somehow always has a way of making my day a little brighter.  She is not only my mom but my best friend and I wanted to say I love you Mom and can not thank you enough for being there for me  -Tara

My name is Cliff Powell, I live in Aiken South Carolina. I have been fighting a daily battle with RAE for about 9 years. I actually have two battles that I must fight, the other is severe psoriatic arthropathy. an inflammatory joint disease that make my body itch and bleed thru-out the day. This is a horrible condition that flares up with stress.

I would like to talk about someone who never gets any phrase and kudos, however I am changing that now. I thank this special woman every day, she is my girlfriend, my friend, my daughter’s friend and my pharmacist technician. I can think of nobody that knows me better, my moods, my pains, my medicines and ensures I take them like I should.

Her name is Lisa, she is like an angel sent to me to keep me on the straight and narrow. Since I live alone, she come over 3-4 days a week to care for me, especially when I have a flare up and can’t take care of myself properly. I don’t know what I would do if it we’re for her. On Sunday when I try to rest after working all week, she knows when I am exhausted, she keeps my girls in line, reads with them, plays with them, just a mother should. I thank God for my angel Lisa.

You may not believe this, but when my money gets low and it is time to pay my child support, she helps out, and has on many occasions. Guys all I can say is she is a keeper, and we are coming up on our 3 year mark as a couple. To Lisa I say Thank You, I love you and I will always honor you.

Clifford Powell

Hello again I would like to say thanks to my online friends who also belong to this sight. They have helped me so much over the last year with e mails and chats there are such lovely people who maybe much worse of than I but they still find time to lift my spirits up when I need it