Loving Someone With Arthritis-Tracey’s Story

Hi my name is Tracey and my husband and i live in the UK. we have been together for over twenty years. But the last eight years Michael has changed from a very caring, unselfish man to a very moody , always shouting and a very angry man.

He can no longer work. I have had to retrain to support the family. We have two children who never know when there father will laugh with them or shout at them. I see him cry with the pain, at other times he is just out for an argument. Because of all this the loss of his income, his wife supporting the family he is very depressed and feels that he has let me down. I do try my best to do every thing, I have a good job which supports us. Michael is a classic car painter and body repairer. so when he does feel ok he goes and tinkers with a car for people that he knows. When he does this he is a different man. But this doe's not happen very often. Both his parents do not know what to do with him when he is feeling angry. Because of all the pressure that he feels he started drinking about 6-7 years ago. This has put even greater pressure on me as it has caused many more problems with his health. the doctors do not want to know as he drinks. Some times I just want to walk out of the front door and not come back. If it was not for our two wonderful children I don't think I would still be here with him.

We are at our wits end with what seems like know were to go. Michael collapsed twice this year and was taken to our local hospital were he had tests after tests. On the second occasion we were told as if we already know that he had Rheumatoid arthritis in the top of his left shoulder. This cause pain in his spine which he also has diseased disks in the top and the bottom of his spine. Because of a tablet that he took years ago for calastrol he has a damaged liver, plus he has to take blood pressure tablets. And the list goes on. Michael is 42 years old and slim always fit, he used to lift car engines instead of getting a engine lift when he was young.

Well I am sorry to unload all this baggage on you but thank you any way.