Arthritis and Fatique

Many of us with inflammatory arthritis also suffer from fatigue, sometimes severe. See The Fatigue Factor for my explanation of the causes of fatigue.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in the newsletter that I was dealing with some major fatigue. My emailbox filled with letters of support and offering suggestions. Since so many of us can benefit from these emails, I decided to post them all right here:

Was diagnosed with ra at age 38…after literally falling asleep with my face in my dinner…i am now 55, ra and oa in  fairly good control. I work full time, clean my own house, do yard work and  any painting etc…some nights i do nothing but rest, go to bed early, take nice long hot baths…other nights are good and can accomplish much.. Taking one day at a time…i do try to pace myself, i do needlework to keep my hands moving..have a supportive husband who does help…i hate having this disease, but i do, so i have learned how to deal with it..have no choice… When necessary, the disease “wins” and i have to take ‘time out”..other times i “win” …fatigue is a big problem, but eating the right foods, vitamins and some herbs…plus i found that the atkins diet gave me much much energy..cutting breads, starches and sugars seems to increase energy for me. My daughter was recently diagnosed with ra at age 27..and the atkins diet has also helped her with her energy levels. Since i have no choice whether or not i have this disease, learning to live with it has helped my mental attitude greatly. Some days are much better than others, but i do live for the good days, and there are more good days than bad…the bad days make the good days seem so much better..and i will “give in” to the bad days…if i take care of myself on the bad days, they pass more quickly than if i try to keep on going when the going is nearly impossible.   -Bev


Break up projects into very do-able ones. For dinner parties or luncheons (yes you can do this with RA and Fibro) a) set the table in stages several days before b) feel free to use deli and easy food – they are coming to see you. Those pre-peeled organic carrots were made for us! c) use paper napkins and paper plates if you need. d) take advantage of stuff you can prepare up to a week in advance.

Try not to do anything the day of except put things on the table after heating them. Sit lots and feel free to hire the teen next door to come and clean up afterwards – they can always use a job. -Kelly

I don’t have tips..I just wanted to say thank you to all who have shared their stories. My family think that I am too fat because I fall asleep all the time…they are still having trouble after 9 years with my RA. This forum may end up being a lifesaver for me. Thank you again.