Health Insurance

As much as we may b*itch and moan about the health insurance companies, face it, most of us in the US would not be managing our arthritis without it. In this section we’ll discuss health insurance , how we handle it and how it effects us.

Are You Satisfied
We asked: Do you have health insurance ? If so, are you satisfied with your coverage? Why or why not?

Checkup on Health Insurance Choices (Part 1)
From the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Checkup on Health Insurance Choices (Part 2)
Obviously, the part following 1!
The Bad and the Ugly
We all have them! The good, the bad and the ugly experiences with health insurance companies. Let’s start with the bad! We asked you to tell us about an unpleasant or humorous health insurance experience:
The Good
It’s only fair! We bad mouthed the insurance companies yesterday, so let’s find the good today. We asked you to tell us about a pleasant health insurance experience.