Parenting with Arthritis

Raising a child as a ‘normal’ parent is no easy task. Raising a child when you have arthritis is…well…downright difficult at times. But ask any parent with arthritis and they’ll tell you that it is worth it! The triumphs and joys far out number the challenges and problems.

In this section we will focus on some of the challenges and talk about the joys.

You Said
We asked: What are some of the problems you encounter that ‘normal’ parents don’t have to deal with? And how did you solve them?
Advice from the Experts
There is no one more qualified to give advice on the subject of parenting with arthritis then parents with arthritis.
Supportive Kids!
We sure do have great kids!
When the Kids are Sick
Is it flu season again???
Diaper Changes and Choices
Options for diapering your baby.
Recommended Reading
Some books you might want to check out.
Websites of interest to parents with arthritis.