Supportive Kids

Looks like we are raising some great
kids! We asked: Are your children supportive and sympathetic regarding
your arthritis? And you said:

Added December 12, 2001:

‘My kid is 13 but as been great and
accepting of me needing some extra
help on my bad days. He is has been more supportive than my husband’

Added May 31, 2001:

“My kids didn’t realize at first
how much pain I was having. They also didnt realize it was going to have
a permanent effect (neither did I) But any time I need help they are
right there to lend a hand.They clean house ,help me up, walk to school,
and bring me things that I need on my bad days. One day I was crying
about having to accept the use of assistive devices and really fearing
that I might end up in a wheelchair and my son said ” Don’t worry
mom you won’t have to be in a wheelchair I’ll carry you.” My
youngest daughter told me one time when I went to a cheaper grocery
store without the scooters . “come on moma we can just go through
and throw things in the basket for 15 min. then I’ll stand in line for
you and write your check” and thats what we did. They are great
kids that have had to take on a lot of grown up responsibility but not
once have they complained.they are 14,15,and 16 and they always have a
way of making me feel good about the whole thing like saying.'”
Dont worry mom we need to learn responsibility anyway.” Im so
proud.” -Stacy


“Yes, both of the my children are
supportive and sympathetic even though they are only 4 and 2 years old.
My two year old gives me a hand to try to pull my up out of a chair. I
overheard my 4 year old telling his friend that “we need to make
sure to help my mom out today.” It doesn’t get any better than
that.” -Sue

“Yes, my daughter has poly-articular
jra so she knows how I feel and I also have a son who has jra and we
suspect another son may have some form of arthritis also.” -Teena

“Sometimes, most of the time my
fatigue gets in the way of their lives.” -Beth

“They are very supportive and
sympathetic. My son, who is now ten, is determined that he will find a
cure. If they ever get mad at the limitations, they never say stuff like
I wish you weren’t my mom, but they will say stuff like I wish there was
no such thing as arthritis.” -Maria

“They are, but I wonder if
sometimes they aren’t sick of hearing that I am “Too tied’,
although they never say so.” -Barbara

“Mainly supportive, my son has
juvenile ankylosing spondylitis (16)” -Stephanie

“Some of the time-they are
teenagers and fairly self-centered at this point in their lives.”

“my children get frustrated and
frightened, but in general, they’re very supportive” -Cris

“Yes, my girls are very supportive
and sympathetic to my arthritis, because both of them have a little
touch of arthritis also and they are 17 & 12.” -Pam

“My children are very supportive
and sympathetic. I think it took a while for them to realize just how
much this illness has taken over my life, and, in turn, their lives as
well. My mom has repeatedly told them, “Your mother is not
well.” It’s become an inside joke with us – when someone asks me
how I am, I’ll say, “I’m not well!!!”” -Lynn

“My children are very supportive.
They learned compassion at an early age and that is a trait that has
held fast into their adult years.” -Diane2

“yes! And they know that sometime
I have bad days.
I like to think that my RA has enriched their lives in a way – it’s
taught them to be sensitive to my symptoms on some days…and to help me
with stuff around the house when I’m feeling lousy.” -S.

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