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Here is what our community members have to say about SSDI:

“…I had years and years of documentation about the degenerative progress of my RA as well as documentatin of my making many attempts over years to keep working at some sort of job. Unfortunately it came to the point where I was having problems driving, sitting erect for more than about 20 – 30 minutes at a time before having to recline and, because of back problems unrelated to the RA, I became unable to stand for very long without having to recline or semi recline.”

“…I applied for SSDI June 1999 and was approved August 1999 (was retro to Sept 1998). I praise God because I didn’t have to see any of their doctors. They went solely on my medical reports and my questionnaires I completed.”

“…I am one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to go through what many of you did, or will have to. I think the big thing for me was my doctor was so very good with paperwork, we had test results, x-rays, bone scans. So, make sure your doctor is well aware that you are filing, and have every name of every doctor that you have been to, and notify them about what you are doing, so they can be prepared. It only took me 3 months to go through the whole process..but I was one of the lucky ohes. I wish everyone that is trying the best of luck..and hang in there, do whatever you have to do.”

“…Even though I was successful in applying for Disabiliy for myself without a lawyer, if I had it to do all over again, I would proably use one. I found it very stressful to ask the doctors for stuff and have them turn you down. I think the reason I was successful in attaining SS the first time around it because I spent a lot of time reading about what is required, reading the listings, and reading my own medical records. I tried to make sure I met a listing by finding it in my own records. I also stayed in touch with the persons handling my claim on every other week basis, if only to make nice-nice with them. Halfway thru my claim time, which turned out to be six months, I was introduced to Chuc Ryan’s Web site. His information and willingness to answer my emails gave me both motivation and well needed information at a time when I was getting very depressed over the whole thing. I recommend his site to anyone looking for info before they file.”

“…I had absolutely no problems. The paperwork was requested by me over the phone. As soon as I was done working I filled out the forms, mailed them in and had a determination in about a month. I believe it was handled so swiftly because of the amount of medical documentation there was, plus documentation of work absences as well as 14 prior surgeries with more to come.”

“…I’ve often thought about applying, but was afraid my arth. isn’t severe enough all the time. I have flares and then complete remissions.”

“…When I started to receive ssdi It was for my asthmatic condition. I had an accident, injured my (r) ankle. (8) pins and a plate later.I did not realize that I also injured my back until the pain started. I saw my doctor.x-rays showed the arthritis.
Yes, ssdi is difficult to receive. I was working and I had to stop. SSDI is now recognizing that many disablities are not visiabe. but just as serious. Arthritis is very apparent, in most cases.Just apply the president has done a great deal to make the public as well as the government just how devastating been disabled can be.It took me 3 years to receive my ssdi.”

“…I would suggest to anyone thinking of doing this make sure they have a good attorney. You can not do it alone, no matter how smart you think you are. Make copies of everything you do not matter what it is or even if you already have a copy. They send you the same things over and over to trip you up.”

“…I did the application for SSDI. I called on several occasions and they told me it was still being processed. I waited another month and called again. She then told me that it had been denied 2 months prior and I had just missed the deadline to file an appeal, and that I could have used a lawyer for that. I really don’t know what to do from here.”

“…I was subjected to pain by the social security doctors as they pushed my knees to my chest. They asked me how tall I was before measuring me and I told them I used to be 5’10” but I did not know how tall I was presently (I have severe spinal curvatures and knew i had “shrank”) They pretended to measure me and declared that I was still 5’10”!!
I am about 5’7″. They were most unprofessional and rude…declairing me not disabled twice! If I had not had the opportunity to go to a regular doctor and orthopedic surgeon I would not have gotten my disabilty approval. Since getting it and the medical coverage I have been found to have osteoporosis in addition to advanced arthritis in hips and spine. Those “doctors” from the social security were a joke!! A bad joke.”

“…From what I can gather most individuals seemed to be turned down on the local level and were forced to use an attorney in front of the “Administrative Law Judge”. It was frustrating and degrading and I don’t envy anyone who is suffering and in pain. I’ve been on SSDI since 1986 when I was 44 years old. I hope things have improved since then!”