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New Tips

To use a regular desk stapler press down with forearm instead of wrists.
Submitted by: Veronica

To cut fingernails, use a large toe-nail clipper. If you have problems squeezing them, simply lay them upside down on your thigh, insert fingernail in them and press down with the heel of your hand. Submitted by: Veronica

I like to burn candles whenever possible. The warm glow relaxes me and in turn eases my pain. Submitted by: Veronica

To open a jar that has a little vacuum button on top, I turn it on its side and put the tip of a butter knife between two of the indents under the edge of the lid. I then push the handle toward the jar and the seal pops. I then turn it back right-side up and twist the lid off effortlessly. This works great for me and I even have severe deformity in my hands.

I have a little trick that helps me to get out of the bathtub by myself. The first time I figured it out, I was so proud of myself! Place a towel on top of a bathmat outside tub, and lift leg that is closest to wall up and across body keep right on going up and over the edge of the tub! With one foot braced on the floor, it is so simple to stand. But if you find that you need a rest, you are now straddling the tub and can take a breather before standing. Submitted by: Veronica

Use a seam ripper to open things that you normally would have to pull apart (crackers, cookies, chips, frozen foods in plastic bags etc. Submitted by: carols

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