Traveling with Arthritis

Traveling can be a pretty daunting task when you’re healthy. When you’re trying to travel with arthritis it can be frustrating just trying to get the car packed to go the airport – let alone deal with the plane, the shuttle, rental car, hotel, etc. Frustrating yes, impossible? NO WAY! In this section we’ll talk about some ways to make travel easier.

Red Light/Green Light
We asked our community members for some traveling tips.
Accommodating accommodations! How to find them.
Limping Through London
Let’s visit London with Arthritis Insight Community Member Meli and get some hints from GrannyJan.
Foreign Travel Phrases
Worried about getting your point across in foreign lands? We’ve got you covered. 
Twelve Secrets of Savvy Travelers
What do they know that we don’t?
Recommended Reading
Some books to check out before you go.
Some great links to more information.