Foreign Travel Phrases

Okay – so you’re all ready
to travel the world – Paris, Mexico, Italy, Germany – only problem is,
your translation dictionary doesn’t have any listings at all for
prednisone induced chocolate cravings or refrigerating Enbrel. What’s a
traveler with arthritis to do? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.
We’ve taken some basic travel phrases, run them thru the translator at
AltaVista (alright! alright! I admit it! I have enough trouble with
English and could’ve never done the translations on my own.)

All you have to do is print ’em out and remember to take
them with you. You don’t even have to worry about pronouncing them
correctly, just point to the one you need and you’re on your way.

Can someone carry my bags?
French: Est-ce que quelqu’un peut porter mes sacs?
German: Kann jemand meine Beutel tragen?
Italian: Pu� qualcuno trasportare i miei sacchetti?
Spanish: Puede alguien llevar mis bolsos?

Where is the elevator?
French: O� est l’ascenseur?
German: Wo ist der Aufzug?
Italian: Dove � l’ elevatore?
Spanish: D�nde est� el elevador?

Are the restrooms handicap accessible?
French: L’handicap de restrooms sont-ils accessible?
German: Sind das restroomshandikap zug�nglich?
Italian: � l’ handicap dei restrooms accessibile?
Spanish: Es la desventaja de los restrooms accesible?

I need to find chocolate, where is the nearest candy
French: Je dois trouver le chocolat, o� est la m�moire de sucrerie
la plus proche?
German: Ich mu� Schokolade finden, wo bin der n�chste S��igkeitspeicher?
Italian: Devo trovare il cioccolato, dove sono il deposito della
caramella pi� vicino?
Spanish: Necesito encontrar el chocolate, donde soy el almac�n m�s
cercano del caramelo?

I have medication that requires refrigeration.
French: J’ai le m�dicament qui exige la r�frig�ration.
German: Ich habe Medikation, die Abk�hlung ben�tigt.
Italian: Ho farmaco che richiede la refrigerazione.
Spanish: Tengo medicaci�n que requiera la refrigeraci�n.

Where can I get a wheel chair?
French: O� puis-je obtenir une chaise de roue?
German: Wo kann ich einen Radstuhl erhalten?
Italian: Dove posso ottenere una sedia della rotella?
Spanish: D�nde puedo conseguir una silla de la rueda?

Where can I get a taxi?
French: O� puis-je prendre un taxi?
German: Wo kann ich ein Taxi erreichen?
Italian: Dove posso ottenere un tass�?
Spanish: D�nde puedo conseguir un taxi?

I’m tired, cranky and hurting – please be nice to me
or I’ll have to hit you with my cane.
French: Je suis fatigu�, excentrique et blessant – veuillez m’�tre
gentil ou je devrai vous frapper avec ma canne.
German: Ich bin m�de verletzend, cranky und – seien Sie bitte zu mir
nett, oder ich mu� Sie mit meinem Stock schlagen.
Italian: Sono tired, cranky e danneggiante – essere prego piacevole me o
dovr� colpirlo con la mia canna.
Spanish: Soy cansado, irritable y que lastima – s�ame por favor
agradable o tendr� que golpearle con mi bast�n.

Where can I check my e-mail?
French: O� puis-je contr�ler mon E-mail?
German: Wo kann ich meine E-mail �berpr�fen?
Italian: Dove posso controllare il mio E-mail?
Spanish: D�nde puedo controlar mi E-mail?

If you think of more phrases that may come in handy on your next trip –
you can try the AltaVista
yourself. Just plug in your phrase, select a language
and Presto! you’re ready for anything!