Recommended Reading

Here are some great books for more
information on traveling with arthritis. The titles are linked to the page for easy online ordering or check your local library.

for Disabled Americans – A Guide for The Wheelchair Traveler

by Patricia Smitner
Book Description:
Step-by-step guide for planning that “Perfect” vacation.
Accessible information on air travel, cruises, ground
transportation, selecting the right hotel, what questions to ask,
solutions to problems that may arise and accessibility to many
wonderful destinations in the United States and Mexico

Around the World Resource Guide

by Patricia Smither
Book Description:
Updated listing of helpful resources; Publications, Product
Catalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, Tour Groups and Agents,
Accessible Vehicle Rentals, City and State Access Guides,
Accessible Vacation Rentals, World Resources, Outdoor Activities,
Sports and Recreation Organizations, Caregiving, and Companion
Dogs. All to make life a little easier for people with

Ways to Cope with Arthritis
Diana L. Anderson, R.N., M.S.N.

Millions of Americans suffer from the debilitating and painful
disease of arthritis. This special guide gives expert and
practical advice on living with it on a day-to-day basis–from
in-home treatments to making activities and chores less stressful.

– A Guide for The Wheelchair Visitor

by Patricia Smither
Book Description:
Steps for planning that trip to “Paradise”. When to go,
where to stay, how to get there and what to see. This guide will
help make your trip more enjoyable, knowing in advance what to
expect and how to not miss seeing everything. Accessible
information on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big
Island of Hawaii. Color photos of accessible hotels and even a
“Personal Photo Gallery”.

Great American Vacations for Travelers With Disabilities (2nd Ed)

by Donna Cornacchio (Editor), Anto Howard (Editor)
Editorial Review (
America is finally opening up to people with disabilities. Thanks
to legislation and evolving perspectives, there’s been a welcome
burst of growth both in the attitudes and construction needed to
make the U.S. more hospitable. Fodor’s Great American Vacations
for Travelers with Disabilities rides the wave of momentum and
adds to it, as more and more disabled travelers take the vacations
they’ve been wanting. Fodor’s guide covers 38 locations across the
U.S., providing basic guide information in appealing prose on
where to stay, eat, sightsee, play, hike, snorkel, and barhop,
plus detailing access information for people with mobility
problems and hearing and vision impairments. It’s clear from the
start that a lot of care has gone into making this a quality
production, and it’s reassuring to know that each site was checked
out personally by someone who understands disability concerns

Travel & Etiquette tips…for pedestrians on wheels

by Michael Creurer
Book Description:
Valuable tips for the beginner and experienced operator of a medi-scooter
or power chair.
This booklet is the result of many years of the author’s personal
experience interacting with motorists and other pedestrians around
his city and a few others in Canada and the US.
The booklet is currently being used by: the Red Cross Scooter
Safety Training Seminars; occupational therapists for their
clients; and medical supply stores across Canada to help users get
a head start becoming accustomed to being pedestrians on wheels.
The booklet includes numerous tips for the safe use and enjoyment
of a scooter or power chair along with a checklist of things to be
aware of before leaving home.