Paraffin Bath

Paraffin Bath Use with extreme caution!

BEFORE starting treatment make sure that:

1. The temperature is correct.
2. That your hand is dry.
3. That your hand is without open wounds.


4 lbs. paraffin – melting point of 125/127 degrees (F)
(Available in the canning section of most grocery stores)
1 cup mineral oil
Crockpot (those extra large ones are big enough to fit your feet in!)
Candy or cooking thermometer


Heat paraffin in crockpot (or double boiler) until completely melted (on low). Watch carefully and stir often. Add mineral oil. Turn crock pot off and allow wax to cool until a thin film has formed on the surface. Check temperature with thermometer – start treatment at 125 deg (F) Caution: Do not touch sides of crock pot. Use caution when heating, there is always the possibility of fire if paraffin over heats.


Relax your hand and hold it as steady as possible. Dip your hand into the paraffin bath to just above the wrist, keeping your fingers separated. Next, raise your hand from the paraffin for just a few seconds until it stops dripping.
Repeat this procedure 10 times.

IMPORTANT: To prevent burns, DO NOT dip hands past the level of the first dip.

To retain the heat, put your hand in a plastic or paper bag or wrap it in plastic wrap. Then, wrap a terry cloth towel around plastic wrap and secure with loose elastic, rubber bands, or tape. Do not move fingers or wax will break. After 20 minutes – remove plastic wrap, towel, and paraffin. Used paraffin may be placed back in the crock pot. Cover pot and store with wax left in it until next use. You can use a paintbrush to “paint” the hot paraffin onto any joint and wrap with plastic wrap.