Links on Lupus

Links for More Information

Ready to do some more digging? You can never have too much information – try a few of these:

Lupus (SLE) Resources

Living with Lupus

Lupus and the Eye – from Lupus Around the World

Lupus @

Lupus Foundation of Minnesota

Lupus HealthNet Home Page

Printer Friendly Info on Lupus from NIAMS

Barry’s Lupus Home Site

Joint & Muscle Pain in Lupus from The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

Just for Discoid Lupus – support, chat & message boards.

And don’t forget the Web Links section right here at ArthritisInsight, check the Organization & Foundations and the Disease Specific Sites.

You’ll also find a few links regarding Lupus in our Ask the Webrarian and from the archives Ask the Webrarian – Lupus and Lupus & Sun Sensitivity