Recommended Reading about Lupus

The following books might be very helpful as you search for more information about lupus. They are linked the buying page for easy online purchasing or check for them at your local library.

The Lupus Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families” target=”_blank”>The Lupus Book : A Guide for Patients and Their Families
by Daniel J. Wallace

In the only book for non-specialists endorsed by The Lupus Foundation of America, a world-renowned expert on lupus explains what the disease is, why it is so difficult to diagnose, and how patients can ease their suffering.


Lupus : Everything You Need to Know
by Robert G. Lahita, Robert H. Phillips
Physician Lahita and psychologist Phillips have had considerable experience in diagnosing and treating lupus and helping patients and their family members cope. Their book, aimed primarily at patients, clearly discusses the different types of the disease. Because lupus can be so confusing, Lahita and Phillips also discuss medical disorders similar to it. They subsequently turn to the immune system, which is the body system most likely to be involved in lupus, to tests and diagnosis, and to descriptions of symptoms and complications, usefully conveyed in question-and-answer format. Not much is yet known about the causes of lupus; still, Lahita and Phillips offer some suggestions.-Booklist


The Lupus Handbook for Women : Up-To-Date Information on Understanding and Managing the Disease Which Affects 1 in 500 Women
by Robin, M.D. Dibner, Carol Colman (Contributor)

Of the 500,000 Americans with lupus, more than 90 percent are women, many of childbearing age. While there is no cure, this straightforward guide to understanding lupus and its treatment will help overcome the frustrations and anxieites associated with this chronic illness.

Coping With Lupus : A Guide to Living With Lupus for You and Your Family
by Robert H. Phillips
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In this new book, Dr. Phillips offers sound, meaningful, compassionate advice to those individuals who must deal with lupus. Coping with Lupus effectively explains the strategies and techniques that can greatly improve the quality of life for lupus patients and their families.


Embracing the Wolf : A Lupus Victim and Her Family Learn to Live With Chronic Disease
by Joanna Baumer Permut, Alexa M. Selph (Editor), Robert H. Gifford (Designer)
This is a rare and special narrative about successfully coping with chronic illness. The author tells her own story, but also incorporates the impact of her illness on her husband and daughter — the critical family dimension that is so often overlooked in other books. The author tells how she learned to accept illness as a positive force in her life and move on. A “must read” for everyone who must deal with chronic illness. 

Living With Lupus : All the Knowledge You Need to Help Yourself
by Sheldon Paul Blau, Dodi Schultz (Contributor)
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The definitive source of information for lupus sufferers and their families–with the latest word on possible causes and promising treatments. The authors discuss the medical and personal implications of a whole range of subjects, including a full discussion of symptoms as well as treatments available