Advice From Our Members

 More from our NSAID survey: (remember these are other people like you, NOT medical professionals, they speak with the voice of experience)

“Find out what the long term effects of these drugs are, especially if you are taking more than one at a time. We are not guinee pigs!!” -Elaine

“Be sure to follow Dr.’s orders and report any side effects that you may have.” -Vicki

“pay attention to advise of taking with food as needed, and watch for any side effects and tell your Dr. right away”-Bess

“Make sure you take these with food or milk. You don’t want to ruin your stomach!”-Debbie

“Make sure you know what you can take for a headache, so you don’t mix classifications of NSAIDS.”-Peg

“There are lots of them out there. Don’t hesitate to let your Dr know if you’re having trouble with one. If you’re persistent you may be able to find one that works for you.”-Raven

“Always always always eat something before taking them.”-Maria

“First sign of a side effect, tell your doctor. Always try and eat something before taking medication.”-Peggy

“Just be careful and if something does not work then tell your doctor that you will not continue a med that does not help.”-Katrina

“Don’t take Naprosyn if at all possible. Ask your MD if he is aware of how common this side effect is and if they would consider another NSAID such as diclofenac or sulindac (as suggested by Family Practice News, Nov 1, 1999, page 44.) Always limit sun exposure, use spf 50 sunblock religiously, UV blocking clothing & hats, try to minimize falls, scrapes, etc to prevent permanent scarring from minor injuries like removing a bandaid.”-Sandy

“Nothing is without side effects, Nothing. Consider the risk/benefit ratio. Just do your research and inform yourself so you can advocate for your child. I want to be able to tell my son when he is an adult that I did everything I could to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of all the medications, therapy and other treatments we had to give him to improve the quality of his life.”-Sandy

“They truly work differently in different patients. You may have to try several before you find the one that works best for you.”-Beth

“always found out as much as you can about the drugs you are taking and any side effects should be reported to your Dr as soon as possible”-Amanda

“Report side-effects to a new prescription your Rheumy. Do not take yourself off any med’s without discussing it with your doctor.”-Lynda

“Watch carefully for any uncomfratble side effects to the medication and report them to your doctor.”-Lynda

“Watch for the indications of a gastric problem”-Donna

“Always eat with NSAIDS. Don’t take on an empty stomach. Really discuss these with your doctor. If you really don’t think they are helping, just stop them for about 24 hours and you will know for sure! I’ve tried this, ends in pain, but lets me know I am taking the right NSAID now.”-Melanie

“Enquire about alternatives if you are not happy with the one you’re on”-Gillian

“take with food, give them a week or so to work, best to take one with qd dosing so if you miss a dose you’re not in a lot of pain by the end of the day.”-S

“when the directions say “take with food” DO IT! and not just a glass of milk…if you are on DAILY NSAIDs you need to take them with a meal. Not following those directions can literally KILL YOU. I had a very dear friend who died this way in her early 40’s. I don’t want to see it happen again.

It is very important to find out all the possible side effects of your medication so you can report these things to your DR…and make sure you DO that. It’s so important…you DR needs to know about these things to treat you properly.”-Sarah