Pain Medications-What Do You Take?

Should we take them or just tough it out? Will we become addicted? What if my doctor won’t give them to me?�

These are questions I am sure many of us have mulled over in our minds. Pain medication can be a very controversial, but necessary topic for those of us in chronic pain. A future filled with pain is not something we look forward to. This week we’ll discuss some of the different kinds of pain meds, look into some of the controversy surrounding them and find out what you think about pain medications.

Let’s start by finding out what kind of pain medications our community members take and if they work.

“I currently take darvaset for pain, but only once in a while…I guess that I would rather deal with pain than put more drugs into my body. So, I only take them when I absolutely need them.”�

I take panadol (2 tabs.)on an occasional basis (rarely more than once a week), when the pain is really bad at night. It does work, it enables me to get off to sleep which is otherwise impossible.”

“I take Ultram as needed. It works for me. I have a high pain threshold and a fear of narcotics so I hold back on heavier meds as much as possible”

“I take Ultram when I get really achy. I think it works great; it takes my aches away. In the past, I’ve taken up to 4 a day, but now I’m down to 1 or 2 max, sometimes I don’t even need any.”

“I take Darvocet and/or vicoden but only when I know I have to do something that is going to cause my joints to hurt, I’d say I only take about 2 or 3 a week unless I’m at the lake and then more often.”

“I have taken the tylenol 3 just recent and it helped for a bit but lost the potency. I took it every 4 hours. I took it to long and had the fear of addiction over me. And in a sense became mentally depentant more then for the pain. I finally stopped and changed to the Ultram, that helped but also lost it’s charm. I know I can speak for other’s when I say, Oh God what is going to happen when I run out of all pain medicines? To me it’s like knowing I am getting closer to falling off a high cliff with nothing to hold on to. I guess that’s why excercise and pain management is so important. Meditation is also good in what ever form we choose.”

“panadeine forte and mersyndol forte depends on pain only once or twice a day right now and they help a little”

“Celebrex twice/24 hours. Takes the edge off, but certainly doesn’t eliminate any of the pain. My stomach can’t take to number of Ibuprofen I used to take for for better, but not entire, relief.”

“Yes, I am taking 80 mgs of Oxycontin two times a day. Thats up from 40 mgs three times a day. Which did not work and I was to go to 40mgs four times a day if this 80 mgs twice a day did not work. Thankfully it did work and I have been happy with it since.”

“I take Darvocet. I usually take 2 at the end of the day. I work full-time and when I am tired the pain intensifies. I have two small children so the Darvocet helps th pain but allows me to care for my kids. Darvocet makes me tired so I do not take it during the day unless I am in severe pain. I have also tried Ultram which I can function on during the day.”

“Yes, I take Flexeril, lately I’ve been taking it at bedtime. My doctor said it should help the pain & help me get to sleep. It is not working very well.”

“Vicidon ES every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Most week days I take at least 3 or 4. On the weekends I’m home so I can use other pain control methods, i.e. nap, rest etc. Most of the time it works. Sometimes if the pain is not unbearable but I’m at work and need something I take half a pill and if that doesn’t do it I take the other half.”

“yes, Darvocet QD. They work okay.I still have pretty bad flare ups; I dont consider myself under control by any means though.”

“Mobic— once a day— 2 during flare up. Working well. Celebrex and Vioxx really didn’t help—don’t know why Mobic worked better for me.”

“I have Fibromyalgia (FMS) in addition to Arthritis. I take various pain meds (I have to rotate them in order to get the best effect). I take Darvocet, Ultram, Morphine, Fioricet (again they are rotated).
Since my body has become immune to most pain meds I limit my use of them to a limited basis. I usually take one of the meds several times a day.
The pain never goes away but there are times the “edge” is taken off.”

“ultram only for moderate pain works best with flexeril
i have some vicodin that i take for more severe pain works good alone
i also have some percocet-5 “saved” from last surgery for that bite wood & scream
{hard to do}”