A personal perspective

I know that many of us are reluctant to take pain medications. I know that at first I was. Anything that strong cannot be good for me I reasoned. But as the pain got more severe and the duration got longer and longer, I gave in and started with the shorter acting pain relievers. I had Darvocet, vicodin, ultram among others. These medicines were good enough to take the pain off but they never took all the pain away. I was still hard headed and would only take them at bedtime. But with most of them, the pain relief lasted about 4 hours and then I was tossing and turning trying to find some position that didn?t hurt. I stayed tired because I only slept in 2-4 hour shifts. This was not what I considered to be my ideal lifestyle. I know that many of us are concerned about the habit-forming nature of these drugs. Well, most of the studies that I have come across say that unless you are already predisposed to habituation that the chances of addiction with honest use of the drugs for pain control. You can do much more harm to yourself by not taking the meds and trying to tuff it out.

Also I know that there is some concern among all of us about the use of the Narcotic drugs or opiates. Again, the studies show that unless you have a predisposition to habituation, that there is much more benefit than harm that can come with using them for pain control. These classes of drugs are more long lasting than the short acting drugs listed above. I have used the Duragesic patch. It is made to deliver equal amounts of narcotic pain medicines over a long period of time. I would change the patch every three days or so. I will assure you that I did not get any euphoric feelings and I didn?t get addicted. I will warn you though to take heed and know for sure what the medicine is doing to you. With the narcotic drugs it is easy to think that you are much more in control of things than you really are..

In closing, remember, that leaving pain untreated can harm you more physically and emotionally than using the medications available properly to alleviate the pain. Use it when you need it but use it wisely.