It Did What?

Facts are great, we can’t make an educated decision without them. But sometimes we need more than the facts. We need to hear from others with arthritis about their experiences. 

One of the questions on last week’s survey was:

Have you ever stopped a NSAID due to side effects? Which one and which side effects?

And you said: 

“Vioxx–Caused stomach pain and nausea.” 

“feldene, stopped due to possible link with stomach pain” 

“Naprosyn-upset stomach, Voltaren-stomach pains, Indomethacin-depression, headaches, muscle pains” 


“Yes, Celebrex. I had an allergic reaction, major itching.” 

“Yep, I’ve flunked alot of them- ibuprofen, naproxen (alieve), relafen, lodine, and lots of others I cant’ remember. With all of those of I tolerate them for about a month and then had pretty constant heartburn and stomach pain” 

“Yes, voltran, naproxen, ketaprofen. They all gave me stomach problems. In retrospect, I think the problem may have been that they had lactose as a filler and I am lactose-intolerant. We recently discovered that this was the source of the stomach cramps I got from Ultram.” 

“Yes. I have developed many allergies to different drugs over the last 15 years” 

“Yes, I had substantial rectal bleeding while taking first Naproxin, and then Vioxx.” 

“Celebrex made me nauseated” 

“Naprosyn due to drug induced pseudoporphyria, also known as atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis or anetoderma. All NSAID’s can cause phtotoxic reactions and skin fragility, but the incidence is highest with Naprosyn.” 

“Relafen–stomach pain

Sulindac–stomach pain

Celebrex–rash/high blood pressure

Vioxx–stomach pain/bloating” 

“I seem to be able to tolerate NSAIDs very well so far. I used to take Naprosyn for tendinitis, and I could pop them on an empty stomach. I don’t have any gastrointestinal problems with the Celebrex, although I know that can change, so I try to be aware of how my tummy feels.” 

“Celebrex – broke out in a rash” 

“Yes Voltaren (diclofenac) because it mede me too tired and sleepy.” 

“stopped taking Naprosyn because it caused stomach aches so bad.” 

“Lodine…stomach intolerance

Disalcid…Didn’t control the swelling

I do not remember the others I had at the beginning that didn’t work” 

“Yes, Celebrex. Developed allergy to sulfa drugs. Had a skin rash which cleared up when drug was stopped.” 

“voltaren – elevated liver enzymes

feldene – diarrhoea” 

“Dayproe – hives

COX-2(the other one besides celebrex- I forget it’s name!) – severe water retention

Naprosyn, clinoril, celebrex – didn’t work” 

“Relafen and Arthrotec. These two drugs upset my stomach.” 

“almost all of them: Naprosyn, Ansaid, Feldene,the list goes on….I’ve tried so many I’ve forgotten all their names. They have all given me stomach problems or just not worked at all.” 

“Yes. I think I’ve tried them all! They all give me bad stomach aches. I’ve even tried the newest ones, Arthrotec, Mobic, Viox, & Celebrex, that are supposed to not hurt your stomach, but they killed mine!”