1st Time Diagnosis

Newly Diagnosed

So, you have arthritis huh? Well you are in pretty good company! Barry Gibb, Joe Montana, James Coburn, Wayne Gretzky and Kathleen Turner also have arthritis, just to mention a few of the millions of people with arthritis. You aren’t alone!!

You must have many questions right now, we did when we heard those words: ‘You have arthritis.’ We wish we had all the answers. But we don’t, as a matter of fact no one does. Many of the answers you seek depend on the type of arthritis you have. There are over 170 different types of arthritis. Each one has different symptoms and treatments.

In this section we will try to address some of your concerns and answer some of those questions, but we can’t answer them all. Perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself is seek knowledge. The more you know about the particular type of arthritis you have and its treatments, the better.

You Aren’t Alone!
Think no one knows how you feel? Wrong!
The First Rheumatology Appointment
What to expect at that first visit.
What kind of doctor should be treating your arthritis?
A rheumatologist! Find out why.
A Benefit in a Second Opinion
Leila Steer tells us how a second opinion changed her life.
Recommended Reading
The internet is great, but we think everyone with arthritis should have at least one good reference book on hand.
We aren’t the only place to find accurate arthritis information. Check out these great sites! (but don’t forget to come back here!)
Being diagnosed with arthritis can be scary, you?ll have many fears. But most of those fears will never materialize. We asked our members what fears they had when they were first diagnosed and if those fears came true.
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