You Aren’t Alone

Some advice from our members, they have been in your shoes:

We’ll start the week out with some advice from our members, they have all been where you are:

“Its NOT the end of the world. You can still maintain an as normal as possible lifestyle, sometimes you’ll find you might not be able to do things like before, but there are always “other” ways to do things. I dont dig with trowel and plant my flowers–too painful for too long–I’m come to accept it, I plant perenials and bulbs. believe me where theres a will, theres a way. I probably can accomplish and overcome pain or no pain, because I can always picture in my mind my fathers cousin, who had severe rheumatoid arthritis she drove a car and everything, despite the severe cripling of her hands, and feet. I feel even on my worst painful day, if she could do it, I can too.” -Kathie

“Be grateful for the small things.” -Beth

“No matter what you hear..always remember…we are all individuals..take things with a grain of salt and try to be be positive , you will be okay..yes limitations ,may be a reality ..but this life is a gift..we now just appreciate things a whole lot more…do NOT give in or Up…Never surrender!” -Debra

“It *will* get better. Hang in there. It takes a long time sometimes, but if you’ve got a good rheumie, he/she will find a good treatment that will help you.” -Barbara

“Understand that you will probably feel a myriad of emotions- ranging from anger (why me?) to fear, sadness and denial. These feelings are to be expected and are all normal. Have faith that your life is not “over” with this diagnosis. Research RA! Ask you doctors a lot of questions- no question is stupid. Sit down with your family members and friends and explain to them that you may need extra help and understanding.” -Luanne

“Don’t focus on what seems to be an insurmountable mountain of obstacles facing you (fear does that); focus on one step at a time, one day at a time.” -Robert

“Remember that you and your case are unique. Your experience will not exactly match anyone elses. You’ll hear of people who are crippled – you may or may not end up that way. You’ll hear of miracle cures – they may or may not work for you.” -Beth

“Read, read, read!
Talk to someone.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask again if you’re still confused.
Don’t forget the reason you are tired and/or sore is you are sick.
Don’t overextend to push too hard.” -Eddie

“READ READ READ get all the information you can. The more you learn the easier it will be to deal with. Get in touch with your own feelings. Talk to the people that are close to you. tell them how you feel and also ask them how they feel.” -Lydia

“Don’t worry!!! There are so many new treatments coming out. I have had RA for 4 yrs and since that time they have come out with miracle drugs to help. THe research continues, and there is hope. I am far from diabled, and continue to go to my doctor who helps me to be barely affected by the disease. Getting a good doctor is the key, as well as your positive attitude.” -Katherine

“Admit to yourself that your body will sometimes let you down. Slow down if you have to. Ask for help (no matter how hard it is)” -Beth

“Read as much of as possible on your new medication, condition, life stlye changes.” -Samantha

“There is hope out there – it may be a while coming, but it’s there. With the support of people in the same situation, this illness is much easier to bear. No one can truly understand how you feel unless they, too, have the same illness.” -Lynn

“Be open with your family and friends – they will support you and help you through thick and thin. Let them know what you need, and let them take care of you.” -Beth

“Try to keep an upbeat attitude about your life. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary to get through this. Remind yourself over and over that it could be worse. Read everything you can and investigate all the ways to help ease discomfort. You need to work hard at making your life the very best it can be!!! Make sure you check in here on a regular basis for information and support!!” -Carol

“Really enjoy the days you feel good!” -Beth

“I was in denial for a loooong time. Acceptance is not easy- but it’s neccesary.” -Luanne

“I suggest you keep a diary of how you feel everyday.I did and my MD put it in my file, this way he can watch for patterns. Keep a copy for youself also. I also note in the diary of when I have my period.I makes it so much easier when you go back to the MD. Also make a list of Questions in between visits. It’s sooo much easier than trying to think of them in the waiting room.” -Lydia

“Remember that there are good and bad times with arthritis. When you’re in a flare or feeling exhausted try to remind yourself that this, too, shall pass. Talk with other people who have this disease. Give support and encouragement. By helping others you will help yourself. I feel wonderful when I can give advice or support.” -Carol