Recommended Reading

The following books might be very helpful as you search for more information on pain management. They are linked the buying page for easy online purchasing or check for them at your local library.
Managing Pain Before It Manages You
by Margaret A., MD Caudill
Dennis C. Turk, Ph.D., Director, Professor of Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, & Behavioral Science, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Dr. Caudill’s narrative is crystal clear and insightful, demonstrating great empathy for pain sufferers. She has a knack for clearly and concisely discussing relevant information while anticipating readers’ misconceptions and reservations, addressing them throughout the volume. This volume can be used by people with chronic pain on their own as well as an adjunct to treatments provided by professionals. If followed carefully, this volume will surely make a difference in the lives of those with diverse chronic pain syndromes. Dr. Margaret Caudill has produced an outstanding volume that will set the standard against which all future volumes targeting those with chronic pain will be judged.


For People Managing Pain (Health Journeys)
by Belleruth Naparstek
A guided imagery tape to aid chronic or acute pain sufferers helps listeners use their imaginations to gently and effectively master pain and its ill effects, as well as to discover a renewed sense of comfort, control, and well-being.

The Chronic Pain Management Sourcebook (Lowell House)
by David E. Drum
Editorial Review:
The book discusses the treatment of chronic pain, including how it is different from acute pain, the physiology and causes of pain, and how your mental outlook and emotions can make your pain either better or worse. It covers how exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction, medications, and social/spiritual support can help. Case studies of the experiences of people living with chronic pain add a human element. Plenty of tips, guidelines, and exercises for dealing with pain make this book immediately useful. If you (or a loved one) experience chronic pain, whatever its cause, this book will certainly teach something new, helpful, and hopeful. –Joan Price

Family Manual, A manual for families of persons with pain
by Penney Cowan
Book Description:
Chronic pain is a family affair. The pain person’s suffering manifests itself within the family unit, creating additional problems. Members of the family must deal with their own “pain” and stress resulting from the circumstances. The ACPA Family Manual is designed to help family members manage their lifestyle changes and difficulties due to living with a person in chronic pain and begin to rebuild a mutually supportive family unit.

Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain
by David W. Swanson (Editor),David, Md Swanson, Mayo Clinic
A valuable series drawing from the knowledge of physicians at the world-famous Mayo Clinic continues with a comprehensive resource on chronic pain control, discussing lifestyle changes that can ease the pain, presenting techniques for coping with it, and more.

The Pain Relief Handbook : Self-Help Methods for Managing Pain
by Chris Wells, Graham Nown, Chrissie Wells, Ronald Melzack
Dr. Chris Wells, a leading expert in pain relief, has written a comprehensive, informative guide to understanding pain. It begins with a general overview of how and why we feel pain, and then examines the pros and cons of painkillers and related medications.
Other topics include: the importance of diet and exercise; mastering relaxation techniques; using your subconscious to control pain; surgery, surgical injections and other medical approaches; alternative therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback and chiropractic.