We asked and we found that
our members vary greatly in their journaling activity. From a self
confessed “data freak” who records everything to one who
refuses to journal because it might make him focus too much on the
disease, with most of us falling somewhere in the middle.

Some asked, “Why
should I keep a journal?” That’s a good question! The best reason,
in my opinion, is that a 1999 study reported in the Journal of the
American Medical Association showed a definite decrease in arthritis
symptoms in those who keep a journal as compared to those who don’t.
Decreases symptoms? Count me in!

Journals also help us to
be more involved in our medical care. If we can state when a certain
symptom started or what triggers certain types of pain our medical
providers will be able to treat us with more accuracy.�

I think the question to be
asked is: Why wouldn’t you keep a journal?

There are many different
types of journals, and the kind you choose to keep is up to you. But for
the beginner, simple is usually best. We’ve created a basic, simple
daily worksheet. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes a day.

Most of the areas are self
explanatory, just fill in as needed. The “Notes” area can be
used for many different things. If you are trying to decide if you have
a food trigger, record you daily food intake here. Or if you are trying
alternative treatments or a new medicine, you might want to keep track
of any side effects here.

We feel that this will
become a valuable tool in your medical management, along with our Medical
Records Forms

Just click
to get to the work sheet, print it and you are all set to begin
your journaling journey!