Living Will

While I was surprised at the number of
you that do not have a living will, I must admit that I didn’t either,
but I do now. I have made it very clear to my family in the past what my
wishes are should I become irreversibly terminally ill. But I do have
some concerns that they may not follow those wishes when the time comes. 

A Living Will simply states what you do
or don’t want done to you if the situation ever arises. Each state has
different laws regarding living wills. We’ve provided a generic living
will that may or may not work in the absence of the form required in
your state. I would advise you to get a legal copy as soon as possible
and replace ours with it.

You should give every healthcare
provider a copy as well as any hospitals or surgery centers you use. You
should also give one to several family members. It is a good idea to
check it over every so often to make sure your wishes haven’t changed,
and initial and date it.

Living Will