They Are Yours!

In most cases patients have the right to review and receive copies of
their medical records. The exception may be medical records relating to
psychiatric or psychological problems or conditions and other instances
in which release of the records might be harmful to the patient. 

Most states require that the request be made in writing, however your
physician may authorize their release without a legal document.
Personally, I call my rheumatologist’s office a week after every
appointment and request that my lab results be faxed to me. Other than
the occasional encounter with a nurse having a bad day, they haven’t
refused to send them. 

Some offices will charge you to copy your records. States limit how much
they can charge, for instance in New York they cannot charge any more
than 75 cents per page and in Connecticut the maximum charge is 45 cents
per page. Most states allow physicians may charge the actual
reproduction costs for radiographic materials, such as X-rays or
mammogram. However an individual cannot be denied access to information
solely because he or she is unable to pay. 

We have created a simple
for you to print, fill out and sign, then mail to your
healthcare provider.