Improving joint flexability through surgery

While we sincerely hope none of us ever need joint surgery, the fact is many of us will. In this section we will discuss several of the most common joint surgeries, how they do them and what to expect. Right now the list is rather small, but we promise it will grow quickly. If there is a particular surgery you’d like to see listed here let us know and we’ll do our best to get it listed.

Specific Information:
Total Hip Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Trigger Finger Release

Total Knee Replacement

Carpal Tunnel Release

Ankle Replacement

Questions & Answers about Hip Replacement (NIAMS)

Alternatives to Hip Replacements

Alternatives to Knee Replacements

  Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos SyndromeTips for surgery

Other Information:

Sizing Up Surgery (FDA)

Be Informed: Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before You Have Surgery (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research)

Questions to Ask Before Surgery (FDA)

Preparing for Surgery

A Note from Amy Wright, P.T.

Surgery Tips

Products to Aid in Recovery

Pain Control After Surgery

Surgery Links