Products to Aid in Surgery Recovery

The first couple of weeks after any
type of orthopedic surgery usually require some major changed in your
daily routine. To make things easier there are many products on the
market. Many times we forget about arranging to get these things before
hand. Here are some great products you should consider before

� Walker and Crutch Hand Pads

$ 12.95
Two layers of soft terrycloth are combined to form a padded cover for
your walker handles. Designed to minimize hand discomfort when using a
walker or crutch. Simply wrap cover around a standard handle and secure
with the hook-and-loop fasteners. Measures 6 �’ x 6 �’. Sold in pairs.
The Wright

Bench $45.95

A must for most lower extremity surgeries.
for Arthritis


Retriever Reacher $23.95

The Golden Retriever Reacher is a handy tool that allows you
to pick up things off the floor without bending or stooping.
At 31″ long, it also allows you to reach for objects on
high or low shelves or behind heavy furniture. It is NOT a
cane. It is the highest quality reacher made. So sensitive
that it can actually pick up a dime off a mirror or a smooth
linoleum floor.
Life With Ease

Hip Kit With elevated toilet seat. $65.95

Designed to help people
recuperating from total hip replacements surgery to remain
active while avoiding unnecessary stress or flexion in the
hips, knees, and back. Each kit includes a Tall-ette � Total
Hip Replacement Elevated Toilet Seat with Lok-inEl� bracket,
a reacher, deluxe sock and stocking aid, long-handled bath
sponge, and extra long shoehorn. Packed in a sturdy cardboard
carrying box with handle.
Wright Stuff


Pull Sock Aid $12.95

Great after knee or hip surgery when you can’t bend those legs.

for Arthritis

Ramp $47.00-$135.00

Have to be in a wheelchair while you recover? This small threshold ramp
is designed for doorways. These ramps are available in 8″,
10″, 12″, 16″, and 24″ lengths by 32″ wide. It
has holes punched in each of the top corners for easy installation. Made
of aluminum, surfaced with anti-slip, high traction safety tape, it is
lightweight yet durable. Load capacity of this ramp is 300 lbs. per
Life With Ease