Liver Biopsy

What is it?

Removal of a tiny piece of liver
tissue for analysis.

What is the purpose?

of the medications taken for various types of arthritis can damage the
liver. If blood work shows some liver problems a biopsy can be used to
determine the condition of the liver and what damage has been done.

Is there any special preparation?

is no special preparation. You will be asked to sign a consent form and
put on a hospital gown. An IV may be inserted to inject a sedative.

How is it done?

You may be sedated before the
procedure. The area (lower right side of the chest or upper abdomen)
will first be cleansed with an antiseptic such as betadine. The skin may
be numbed with a “freeze” spray. A local anesthetic is
injected with a needle. A special biopsy needle is then inserted into
the liver. The needle sucks up a tiny sliver of liver tissue.

What happens afterwards?

Follow any instructions given by
your doctor. Call
your doctor if y
notice any redness, swelling or bleeding at biopsy site.

What are the risks of this procedure?

There is always the risk of
infection and bleeding with any invasive procedure.

Does it hurt?

It may uncomfortable or painful,
but it is over very quickly.

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