Recommended Reading

Books on Medical Tests

Most of you know we
are firm believers in educating ourselves about our diseases and
conditions. A good medical test reference book is something every person
living with a chronic disease should own. The following books are linked
to for easy online purchasing or available in many local

You Need to Know About Medical Tests

This easy-to-understand reference in a new soft cover
edition.It is the only consumer guide devoted exclusively to
medical testing that provides complete information on more
than 400 tests. Each entry gives a clear description of the
test and why it is done, what happens before the test, what
happens during and after the test, and whether the test has
risks. It also gives normal and abnormal results and what
other test may need to be done.


Encyclopedia of Medical Tests

by Michael B. Brodin
In this clear, complete, and convenient guide to medical
tests, an award-winning physician tells readers what to expect
and how to prepare for any diagnostic procedure their doctor
is likely to recommend. It helps readers discuss procedures
with their doctor, monitor possible complications, and learn
about complementary tests as well.


Tests Sourcebook : Basic Consumer Health Information About
Medical Tests, Including Periodic Health Exams, General
Screening Tests, Tests You

by Joyce
Brennfleck Shannon (Editor)
Book Description:
Millions of medical tests are conducted annually, and billions
of dollars are spent for them. Yet medical experts say that
many tests are unnecessary or inaccurate. Some tests may have
serious risks and questionable benefits. Today’s medical
consumer needs to be informed about which tests are
appropriate and necessary, which are the most reliable, how
often they should be given, and what they will cost.


Patient’s Guide to Medical Tests

by Barry L., Md. Zaret (Editor), Peter, Md. Jatlow (Editor),
Lee D., md Katz

A reference guide to medical tests and procedures describes
hundreds of popular tests in great detail, contains advice
from the nurses and practitioners who administer the tests,
and reviews money-saving home tests.


Patient’s Guide to Medical Tests : Everything You Need to Know
About the Tests Your Doctor Prescribes

by Joseph Stauffer, Joseph C. Segen
Book Description:
As consumers of medical treatment, it is important to have a
basic understanding of procedures in order to make intelligent
choices. The Patient’s Guide to Medical Tests alphabetically
lists the tests most commonly used by physicians, hospitals,
and commercial labs.
An extensive glossary of medical terms translates professional
terminology into accessible language and a
“Comments” section notes any precautions to take
when evaluating results as well as risks to the patients.