Arthritis Web Links

Okay, we’ve plucked, weeded, and transplanted our web links so it will (hopefully) be easier to find the links you need. If you’ve found a great arthritis site and it’s not included in our list, by all means – send it in so we can share it with everybody else!

This week, we’re listing some links from the mailbox. You guys are finding some great sites. I am only one person, and can find only so many links on my own, but if you keep sending them in – everybody can benefit from them.

Fun, Fun, Fun…:

The Duck Tape Club – If you’re sitting there saying “What?” or “Why?” go on over and find out (take your teenager with you to explain it). And don’t forget to check this year’s promwear. This site is great!

The Tug Boat – This is AMAZING! It takes a long time to load (I’m on a dial-up, 56K), but it’s worth it to see what a “bad day on the river” can really mean.

IK Puppet – This is cool! High-tech puppet to play with. Make sure you’ve got some time to kill before you head over, it’s very addictive.


A Sibling’s Site – 15 year old Rebecca created this site to honor the emotions, feelings, and experiences of the brothers and sisters of chronically ill children. Families with ill children become ill as a whole, due to no fault of the sick child. Never-the-less, the fact that the family is sick becomes trying not only for the parents and the ill child, but for any other children in the family unit.

Destination RX: Free Drug Locator – Ever had a time when you had to decide between paying for your meds and paying the water bill? Ever wished you get them for free? Maybe you can…

Arthritis Resources – information on arthritis pain relief, fibromyalgia pain relief, arthritis medicine, magnetic therapy and unbiased arthritis information.


St Thomas’ Lupus Trust – This is the official website of the world-renowned Dr Graham Hughes at the St. Thomas’ Lupus Unit in London.

Commercial Sites:

Empire HomeCare Resources for Seniors, Caregivers, and the Disabled – Videos, resources, links, etc…

Agility Ankle – looking for an alternative to ankle fusion? You may want to take a look at this site for information on one option. (From DePuy: “…DePuy’s Agility Ankle is the leading ankle product on the market and the only one to be FDA approved. So many people can and have benefited from ankle replacement surgery that we want to let more ankle arthritis sufferers know that it’s an option for them…) Take a look and talk to your doc.

Dr. Ho’s Muscle Massage System – “…It is our goal to provide you with home health care products that are extremely effective, safe, easy to use, and at a reasonable cost. I hope that our products can help you to improve your health and quality of life…
I have treated thousands of patients with many common painful conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Migraines, headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, repetitive strain injuries, sports, work and motor vehicle related injuries. I feel empathetic for anyone who has to suffer with tension or pain…”

And here’s where you’ll find the rest of the Web Links:

Search Engines – trying to find information on the internet and not sure where to start looking? Here’s a list of search engines that will get you moving down that information super highway. Remember to keep your key words simple and if you’re not sure how to spell something stop by and look it up!

Drug Interactions – Okay, you’re already taking a dozen different medications and you doctor just added another one to the mix?..wondering if there’s anything you need to look out for by adding the newest med? Try these.

Drug Index – how about a drug index?

Arthritis Hot Spots – Arthritis Hot Spots on the ‘Net?besides us, of course ;o)

Medication/Prescriptions – need a new drug and not sure how in the world you’re gonna pay for it? There are programs that can help.

Organizations and Foundations – Arthritis Organizations and Foundation type web sites…

Doctor Pages – Web sites put together by the doctors.

Product Fraud – Okay, someone just told you – that somebody told them – that their best’s friend’s cousin’s uncle just started the latest and greatest treatment for arthritis the world has ever seen?check it out before you write that check.

Clinical Trials – Interested in finding clinical trials in your area? Try these..

Disease specific – Looking for a Lupus website? FMS? RA? You’ll find them right here.

Coping – A little help dealing with chronic pain.

Joint Replacements – Thinking about getting a hip, new joint? Oh wait, that’s a new hip joint!

Humor – Because laughter is the best medicine.

Alternative Medicine – How ’bout taking a look at the alternative side of medicine?

General Arthritis Sites – More great sites, covering more than just a specific type of Arthritis (and anything else we couldn’t find a place for…)