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Hi everyone.  I'm looking for some opinions/help/whatever.




I sure do!  I was just asking about chest pain and a shortness of breath but only got 2 replies :) 


I am in the same situation as you..lost myinsurance last year and can only see my family Doctor. I take a step down program with prednisone if it is bad, then wean off of it again.


I wouldn't mess with chest pain if I were you. I would try and get to see a Dr. about it.

Hi Cris,

I have RA in my sternum, found out a little while ago, i was having bad chest pain and i thought i was having a heart attack, i was rushed to the hospital and and all the test were done to determin what was going on and they came to the conclusion that it was  my ra!  i was having a bad flare up in my chest, it felt like an elephant was sitting on me

 They said when this happens take small shallow breaths instead of deep ones, and apply heat to my chest it seems to help alittle but the only thing you can do is to ride it out like all the other flares... but i would go see your doctor just to rule out any other condition. Good luck

Blessings Skyla

Skyla...that is EXACTLY what it feels like!   It isn't pain, like stabbing or a sharp pain but more like a tightness or sore muscle...and yes it only happens when my RA is flared and I am hurting other places. I felt all along that that was probably what it was. Same thing with my even hurts to sneeze when it acts up!

I will be mentioning it to my doctor on my next visit...I appreciate your reply!

Sounds like costochondritis.  This is common with RA.  Its usually treated with heat.  This thing comes and goes on its own schedule.  Not much can be done.  Just feels like your going to have a heart attack.  The sad part is, one really won't know if you're commonally hit with this condition.

  Hope you feel better,


Hi Chris! I was experiencing chest  pains that made me think that I was having a heart attack!It hurt with every breath I took.When I saw my family doctor during these episodes he said that it was costochondritis.Sometimes he would give me a steroid injection and an inhaler that had a steroid in it.Other times after I learned what was happenning I would place my self on what I call a "pulse" of pred to get myself thru.The doctor also told me to use moist heat on my chest and this would help me feel more comfortable.Hope this helps!


Thanks for your responses, everyone.  This has really worried me, since I didn't know what the problem was.  It's been going on for over a month now, worse in the mornings, better as the day goes all of my other joints.  I guess I'm just not sure when it comes to pain.  I hurt so much, and in so many places since my RA has come out of remission that I sometimes just ignore it all and go on.



Add me to the list.  I get it more first thing in the morning, feels very tight and sore........usually I stretch my arms over my head slowly and it seems to help.

Glad someone posted about this, I also have been curious and forgot to bring it up to my Dr on my last visit.


You're right, Jen.  Stretching does seem to help.  When I wake up in the morning, I usually have to stretch everything before I can even get out of bed.


Please be careful with the chest pain...It could be pleurisy, congestive heart failure and many many other things but it is always best to be sure.

Check for indigant clinics in your area. They can usually be found in larger cities. They can provide some care until your insurance problem is taken care of.

Dear Chris,

I have had this pain for over four years now.  Sometimes it moves around to the sides.  I've also been checked for heart problems and none were found.  This is a serious situation which I agree needs to be checked by a doctor!

Take care,


Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know that it can also be the fibromyalgia. Regardless of what it is you always need to have chest pain checked out just to be on the safe side. I have had the same problem this year and mine was the RA and the fibro flaring their ugly heads at the same time. Prednisone and heat really does the trick. I bought a recliner that has heat and massage and it was well worth the money for both the RA and fibro flares.



I really think youíre having such a hard time because youíre off your meds. About four years ago I was in what they refer to as ďremissionĒ and wanted to stop all my meds because Iím constantly afraid of all the side effects that could happen. I told my Rheumatologist I was going to stop taking them. She begged me not to; said it would come backÖ.and when it did it would be worse. I however didnít think I needed them; and also had a hard time paying for medication I felt I didnít need anyway. In the end she was right. It all came back and just as she predicted; it was worse! I know how expensive it can all be; the medication included but you need to be on something or eventually youíll end up with joint damage that can not be reversed later.

Also; the main reason for my post was to comment on your chest wall pain. YES, YES, YES!! I hate to seem so excited about it but Iíve never heard anyone except my doctor mention it. Mine always comes as my medication (Methotrexate & Humira) wears off and itís time for my next dose. Itís scary thatís for sure. I freaked out when it first started. When my doctor said ďItís inflammation in your chest wall. Chest wall pain.Ē Iíd never even heard of such a thing. Something new all the time with this isnít it?

Hang in there. I remember waiting more than a year before I could see a Dr. because I didnít have insurance. Thatís a hard situation.


Hi everyone.  I'm looking for some opinions/help/whatever.