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I just got back from the hospital where I had it done to check my gall bladder. The first part where they inject and take pictures for an hour went fine. The second part where they do the injection to simulate a fatty meal was sooo painful I was writhing on the guerney. I told them how much pain I was in and they said it would go away and sent me on my way.

I cannot believe they let me drive home in that condition. I was doubled up and in tears driving home. When I got home, I realized how stupid that was. The ER is on the same floor about 6 doors down from imaging where I had the test done. Does this mean I have to have gallbladder out? They said my gastrointerologist will get the results within 3 days...

I couldnt have anything to eat or drink after midnight so I had to forego my morning meds including pred and pain meds, so laying flat on a hard table for two hours without moving (remember hip tear) only made my pain tolerance low low low. I finally took my meds at 1:00 and already feel better.

That sounds awful! I had my gallbladder out about a year and a half ago.
I didn't have that scan done. I ended up in the ER with a fever and pain
with nausea. They did and ultrasound and found it. 3 days later I was
one organ short!

If you have been having pain that is related to the gallbladder you will feel
great once it is out. It is usually a same day procedure. I had to stay over
night due to high doses of pred. I was on at the time.

The fact that the fatty meal simulation made you feel so bad sounds like
the gallbladder....let us know what the doc says.


Oh no.  My DIL is going in for one next week.  I'm sure she has no idea that it's so painful.  I don't think I'm gonna tell her.  I mean, why scare her?

Sorry you had to go through all that Deb.  I never even heard of a hidiscan before my DIL was scheduled to get one.

it may notbother you unless your gall bladder needs to come out my son was 17 when he had his out and greasy foods set his off bad


I had a hida  scan a year ago and it did not hurt at all. I wouldn't worry dil needlessl


Poor you deb! Glad you're feeling better now, that sounds awful. I've never heard of that either. Good luck!

Link how is your DIL? I forgot you had said she may have something seriously wrong, sorry. Hope it is something simple

My sister had her gall bladder removed less than a year ago and she did great

I went home same day.  Good luck to you.


That sounds like torture.  I had my gallbladder out several years ago and I just had to have an Ultrasound.  It was painful, but nothing like what you describe.  Plus, it was relatively quick compared to what you describe.

Good luck and please, keep us posted.


For the life of me I will never understand why they tell people they can't have their normal medications before a test.  I've had cardiac imaging, upper GI and lower GI studies done.  They always tell you "nothing after midnight". I always tell the nurse who's doing the scheduling that I really do need to take my meds in the morning; they usually hesitate, but I've never been told not to after a brief discussion.  Same for my husband.  You can take pills with an ounce of water; it will be out of your stomach and into your system in an hour or two.

I've also had 3 surgeries where they told me the same BS prior to the surgery; a quick chat with the doctor resolved the issue each time and I was allowed to take my medication.

I did talk to them about my meds and they said I could not have them in my system because it could slow down or change the test results, or some such thing, can't really remember right now.

Oh Honey; I'm so sorry it was so horrible for you. Thank goodnes you made it home safely.

My Mother had hers out about a month ago and it was a 9:00 surgery and she was home before lunch. I couldn't believe how quickly she was home. She was doing really well a week later.

Hope you feel better Deb.

Thanks for asking Mo....They still don't know what was wrong with her, it seems to have gone away. The HIDA scan is them ruling out gall bladder trouble.  They told her she might just have to wait to see if things "flare up" again, as for now they look pretty normal.Momma's was off and on like that for a long time. It took them forever to finally decide it was her gallbladder and decide to take it out.Owie - I had all those tests and because I showed normal function and no stones, they sent me home to be depressed.  Nine months later I heard of a great new surgeon in town who had done gall bladder surgery on a co-worker who was 8 months pg.  I thought, that's my man.  I saw him, and he looked at me, and said you need this out NOW.  I was in surgery within days with a final pathology report of acute (sp choleloysistis), or acutely infected, inflammed gall bladder.  So my (let me pick a disease here) lupus had inflammed or my RA had inflamed or whatever was causing my gall bladder to become diseased.  I was also pulling very high amlyase and lipase tests which is acute severe pancreatic attacks (very painful, no medication, thanks boys), and my Mom died of pancreatic cancer, which is hereditary.  That surgeon saved my life or at least let me walk upright again.  I guess my point is, if all your tests come back normal, and you think its your gall bladder, go find a general surgeon and get a second opinion.  Mine did it on the fact I was doubled over in pain for over a year with confirming pancreatitis attacks, and didn't care that the other tests showed normal function, he said it was obvious it needed to be removed.  Good luck. 

I started having a lot of sharp pain right in the centre below the ribs. The doc did an ecg on me thinking it was my heart. then he sent me for an ultrasound which showed gallstones. I had the gallbladder removed a few weeks later. Took home a full container of gallstones. (yuck) my kids think they are really gross.they took the gallbladder out by keyhole surgery so i only have a couple of tiny scars.I can eat anything now without the bad pains afterwards.

oops, sorry got off the subject. No I havent had a HIDA scan

For some odd reason gallbladers can be a big problem but look pretty normal for most tests. I guess whatever blocks the ducts can't be seen. They don't have to be blocked by stones - I think they can sometimes swell shut.

Deb that can't be right. Justin just had one done, and he didn't feel a thing. And his gallbladder isn't even functioning anymore!