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Thanks to all you helpful people, I *do* have an appointment with a *new* Rheumy! Thrilled and hopeful about this but my appointment isn't until first week in November.

My neighbor is encouraging me to see an accupuncturist in the mean time. Anyone here ever try that?  


I've been entertaining this idea, too.  There is an alternative care training hospital not far from me, and after reading some articles, I'm wondering if herbs and diet and acupucture would help out. 

Some ramblings about sea planktin being added to our diets to help.  Tibetan vitamins, etc.  Guess if it were a sure thing, someone would have already been singing it's praises.

Donna, NY

Really appreciate your reply.

Thing is, I don't believe it will help at all, but my neighbor (best person on the planet) wants to make an appointment for me to see her accupuncturist and drive me there herself. I told her I'd *research* the "possibility" it could help and would even ask you good people. You just reach a point when trying something that's not a "sure thing" is like climbling a mountain. Making phone calls to switch Rheumys was a real accomplishment for me! I have been successfully using acupuncture for various thing for 11 years.
When I developed PMR and thught it was my back, I headed straight to my

I found it took away the sharpness from the pain - really dulled it & made
it bearable. It did not take away the pain. The other thing that is really
helpful about acupuncture and PMR is that many acupuncturists (not all)
work to cleanse your system of toxic foods... It was my acupuncturist who
told me that sugar was poison for me. She was right - I am in way more
pain when I eat sugar. but I couldn't stop. She "cleared" me of sugar and
now I don't crave it or eat it unless I make a conscious decision that I am
willing to deal with the pain and have an acupuncture appointment in the
near future to clear again! (I went today after a weekend of travel to a
wedding and lot of sugar.. I feel so much better & don;t want any more

One reason I knew something was really wrong other than my back
problem was that the acupunture wasn't taking the pain completely away
- only dulling it.

Interestingly, my acupunturist kept insisting I have Lymes titers done
because the symptoms seemed like Lymes with the PMR and she knew it
wouldn;t completely take the pain away from lymes. I just read an article
that said some think Lymes may be a PMR trigger, or they may be related
and they definately have similar symptoms.

BOTTOM LINE IMHO - acupuncture and associated herbs, treatment, are
WELL worth the try, but with PMR don't expect complete relief.
ALSO-remember it takes time and several treatments, don't expect to feel
better after the 1st treatment. It is common to have 2 - 3 treatments a
week for the 1st few weeks, then down to 1 a week as it kicks in.

Glad to answer any more if i can and sorry for being so ling winded.

pgrI have just returned from my weekly acupuncture treatment which I started
about 8 weeks ago. I agree with pgr. It doesn't take the pain away
completely, but then neither does pred or my pain med. For me it relaxes
my stiff muscles allowing improved circulation and releasing pressure on the
nerves. This helps my ease of movement. I also have better energy. Like
everything else connected with this syndrome, results are different for each
person. I read somewhere that one should allow 6 treatments to judge
effectiveness but I noticed relief the first time.
What ever you decide, I hope you get the help that is just right for you.

GeralynYes Geralyn, it does help ease of movement for me too. When I started ears
ago I felt changes the 1st treatment but it took about 6-8 tx for any real
relief. My acupuncturist told me it could take 10.


I'm pleasantly surprised to read these good reviews! Will certainly read more on the subject and possibly make an appointment with my neighbor's acupuncturist.


Something I thought of after posting...could someone give me an idea what a visit to an acupuncturist may cost? I have no clue and imagine this is considered "experimental" and not covered by insurance. Before I go making an appointment, I need some idea...especially knowing up front that several treatments are usually required.

DebJ39364.7167361111Just as info for those looking into acupuncture: It can be pricey. When you
make an appointment, they will usually tell you the charges so you are
prepared.If they don't, ask!

Also, many insurances will cover acupuncture now. Mine pays at an out of
network cost, which means i have a deductable for it each year and then it
pays 70%. I have a friend whose insurance coevers all but a co-pay. I
suggest you call your insurance and check it out.
pgrRunning for my insurance hand book! Will be great if I have some coverage for this type treatment. So appreciate the info.