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Does anybody know if there is a diagnostic code for 'leaky gut'?  What do docs do to get treatment approved for it?  Is it a couple of codes?


ICD-9 I think is the code in the UK. Not sure if thats worldwide

Hi Pip,

I teach coding so if you could give me more information about the disorder I can look it up (maybe I should make my students look it up

I've been researching it and the researchers have it under all kinds of things.  Like 'hyperpermeable gut' 'permeable intestinal linings' etc.  If they're researching it...it has to exist...I would think.

What I'm trying to figure out is if it's a code a regular MD can uses.  Like when you guys told us RA is ________.

Mary - the idea is that the gut leaks toxins into the bloodstream.  Some things are supposed to help it heal.  Mostly supps and stuff.  Like Colostrum etc.  Since most supps are not covered under insurance...how do people get diagnosed?  I know some MD's give that diagnosis. 



I looked it up several ways.  There is nothing under "leaky gut" or "permeable intestine" or "hyerpermeable" anything (except for blood capillaries).  I would have to agree with buckeye that the code 569.9 or "unspecified disorder of intestine" would be a likely code or each symptom could be coded individually.  Each year new codes are added, but this is one I have never heard of or coded in the last dozen year.

Sorry, I couldn't be of more help! 

So, "leaky gut" is not a recognized malady by medical doctors, or it is just an "orphin" ailment?  I am convinced now after reading the definition of "leaky gut", that this was my huge bloated stomach that I got myself tested for ovarian cancer because I fit the symptoms, which were negative.  It was my depression, and my upper intestine had prolapsed and was around my waist in a huge roll.  More depression.  That goodness for massage therapists, slant boards, and high enema colonics.  I come up with 579.9

And this is why:

Leaky Gut
Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SBBOS)

Leaky Gut  aka SBBOS with and ICD-( code of 579.9

(did coding for 10 yrs)

GrammaKathy - thank you.  All I ever learned were the spinal-related codes.  Sounds like another one of those "made up" diagnosis like IBS. Why can't they just admit they exist and are real disorders?

While many practitioners maintain that leaky gut syndrome is a bona fide medical condition, the area of "gut problems" lies between conventional and alternative medicine, including other diagnostic titles such as Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome or small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and "yeast syndrome" or systemic candidiasis, remains controversial and scientifically unsettled.[4]

Aaaah...because somebody might have to look at the whole body instead of the area of expertise they get paid for?


I am glad you got your code.  Personally, I never leave an M.D.'s office without a receipt which has the code on it.  Then I go home and research it.  It's amazing.  Magic. 

If she is a new patient, he will establish her through a different coding system.  Exams are in the 90000 range, right?  Followup exams have a different range. 

They get paid somehow, but we are all fighting over the same penny.  C

GrammaKathy, after reading the information on "leaky" gut, that is probably a more specific code. 

Justsaynomore, many statistics are based on those codes.  I love coding!  Many codes in the physician office are "working" dx or "working" codes.  After diagnostic tests the codes can be different at each visit.  CPT codes are used for procedure and an office visit will start with a "99".

Clarification...I did not work in coding, I worked in the resolutions dept...fixing the codes that didn't work.  :)

I'm sure your probably right Pip. BTW...had to stop my Minocycline....had some heavy duty racing heart stuff Saturday night. Minocycline was the only thing in my body other than some water and a cup of coffee.

Ack!  GK - that's a big one.  OK, here's what you do.  Go to the RB and run a search on 'racing heart' and pull up any posts.  My gut reaction is you need to lower the dose but see if others had different suggestions.  If you're getting arrythmia (spelling?) that's not good.  So the doc needs to check you out and make sure everything is working right and you're A-OK to keep going. 

Herxes are something to work thru - and - voice of doom that I am - nobody gets thru without a dilly of one.  So, it doesn't mean you can start healing and not get hit a month or so down the road.  I'm just glad you got to see it working at first in some way.  It's hard to have faith when you're herxing. 

Slow and steady wins the race.

See if you can find some stuff on the RB to give/fax your doc.  If they're not AP doc's they tend to freak over something like this.



Mary - I couldn't remembering the name of the coding system, CPT, thank you.  Frain bog.  Hey GrammaKathy---I just wanted to let you know I have seen several
APers go through a racing heart herx, so it's not uncommon. I've had a lot
of scary herx reactions that have come and gone and eventually not come
back. (IE: For a few months I was having periodic episodes of lower back
seizures that finally stopped). Here is a chart of herxheimer reactions for
you to look at. This chart was developed for the Marshall Protocol but I
use it to chart my AP progress and it's useful because it lists common
herxheimer reactions, so you can see yours are not abnormal. Heart
palpitations and high blood pressure are both listed. You can have other
herxes that aren't listed (hence the blank spots) but these are the most
common ones. I hope this comes in useful!



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