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methotrexate and hair coloring

Does anyone have any comments about coloring your hair while on methotrexate? My hair looks dull and has some grey, I'm toying with  the idea of coloring it . Will it work? Any comments- permanent vs semi-permanent, etc. thanksI immediately stopped all hair dyes when I was diagnosed over a year ago.  But I didn't color my hair until my 40s.  I know it's really gotten nice and glossy suddenly.  Good question.  CathyWhy did you stop. Are you saying i can't color my hair now. I guess i have alot to learn. I am new at this. Please tell me.I take MTX and color my hair.  Never had a problem.  I know some of the others do too.I have read too many articles now about what hair dyes are made of, and decided to stop.  There is also a small voice from the alternate healing world that hair dyes should be avoided.  So, I chose to stop.  I like it, my hair is doing fantastic.  PS Milly - We will help you learn, as we are all learning.  Take care ~~ Cathyjustsaynoemore39372.7014699074Ok because i like to color my hair. I never did when i was pregnant. That was a long time ago. But i always fiqured what i did to my body was my chioce and if i was sharing that was a different story. So much to take in.I have been on mtx for 15 years and have coloured my hair during all of those years without a  problem.I am coloring my hair while reading your post, I have never had any problems while taking mtx.

< =text/>_popupControl(); I'm on mtx and wash that gray right out of my hair without a problem. 

Of course hair dye isn't good for you and it stinks to high heck.  But sheeesh...breathing nowadays isn't good for you either and I have no plans to stop doing that anytime soon.  

Hi, I color my hair and am on 20mgs (an increase for me) of mtx. Something I have noticed lately is the colors I used to use turn out 'more ash' colored than they did before? ? I called LOreal and the nice woman said, "use the cream in color'. But, I'm still using the Preferance, (1/2 #8 and 1/2 #9 'natural blond, medium blond mixed). Has anyone noticed any 'color changes'? I'm going to keep coloring.....Now, I'm wondering if it is the Remicade? LyndaThis redhead will stay "red until she is dead"

I color my hair and the color is the same as before all the RA drugs.  Goodness, go ahead and feel free to color your hair.  Get a bit of enjoyment out of life!


I've read all the literature about not using hair coloring and I choose to keep coloring my hair.  Not enough evidence to back the claims. I haven't researched anything about hair coloring side effects in the last few years, maybe something new is out.   The air I breathe is probably worse for me than coloring my hair.  I have noticed that my hair doesn't hold the color as long, but it could be age also.  Lindy


Lindy, I am with you the color doesn't stay as long,and the last time i had it done...well...let's say I had to use my steriod cream to clear my head of psoriasis.  So, I guess I will go grey...I hate it with every fiber in my bones, but it is not worth the suffering of psoriasis.  I have also noticed that I am losing more hair with the Remicade than I ever have with the MTX.  hmmm, somthing to ponder. 

YEp, I guess I will be gray!;(

  • Shel, haven't had any problems with psoriasis but I know it could happen.  I haven't noticed any increase in hair loss with Remicade.  Something I'll have to watch out for, especially since my dose is being increased.  I may not have to worry about coloring my hair!  Lindy
I color mine, have for about 16 years and have been on MTX longer than that. My oldest DD was really good about doing it for me, the younger one not so good, I told them when Leslie graduates and goes to college I'll have to quit because I don't think DH will do it, or should I say I don't think he'll do it right, he did offer one day.I colored my hair before taking MTX and have continued to do so since starting MTX.  Haven't noticed a problem. < =text/>_popupControl(); Nini...my DH does my hair all the time.  I was really surprised he offered to do it.  You would be amazed on how good of a job they can do when it means that you will do something horrible to them if they didn't lol.  Plus, despite the hair loss from the mtx, I have lots of long curly hair and it would cost a fortune for me to have the salon do it.  So, there is another motivating factor for all of us with a DH that could do our hair...threaten with salon prices lol.   I dont have much to add to this.. But Diedre, you should have DH help you w/ it.  He might do it right cause he would be afraid that if he did it wrong youd have his butt afterwards LOL Ive never dyed my hair before but I have highlighted it a bunch of times.
Liz, I actually like the smell of it, my grandma was a hairdresser but stopped working when they started having kids but she would always do her hair and anyones hair in the family so i got sooo used to the smell of the hair dye and the perm stuff that its just a normal smell anymore  

Doglady - I wanted to add that I don't have just RA, but some other things too, which I stopped listing in my signature as it was ammunition.  But I do have lupus, and I stopped the hair dyes because of my lupus, and I take MTX.  I hope you got your answer.  Cathy

Permanent hair dyes contain potentially lupus-triggering chemicals called aromatic amines and hydrazines, according to the study.

I am on methotrexate and have colored my hair a lot!  I've never had a problem with it in the years that I've done both.

I'm on 20 mg of MTX and  went blonde about 2 years ago.. H loves it, and so do I.. it makes my hair look fuller and feel healthier.. I was a battleship grey, no sparkle or color at all.

I figure when I feel so bad and dragged out, getting my hair done is a sure way to make me feel great.

HI all, what kind of hair color do you use? LyndaI've always used Garnier(sp?) 

Hey guys!

I colored my hair for the first time in 10 years about a month ago....getting a little gray around the temples and ears.. It was making me look 10 years older....Seeing that this stinkin disease was making me look older I wanted something to make me feel good about myself. Haven't had any bad things happen yet...hope I don't. 

Lynda the color I used was Loreal I think.

I've been coloring my hair about every 6 to 8 weeks for the past 20 years. If it's causing a problem for me I haven't attributed the hair color to the problem. I'd prefer to keep it that way too. Just because I feel like crap doesn't mean I have to look like it too .

I use Loreal too. I always buy one or two shades different. I can't ever remember the color but I always remember the pictures on the box. It always screws me up when they get new models on the box.

< =text/>_popupControl(); I use Nice and Easy.  Simple enough for a man to use to do his wife's hair lol. 

I do the same thing Lovie does lol. I can never remember the color name and have to look at the models on the box lol. 

I wonder if the level 2 color is as harmful as the permanent? Hi, everyone! I've lost quite a bit of hair while on MTX. I was terrified that coloring my hair would make it all fall out, but I couldn't take the silvers anymore. I mean, I know I'm going up in value and all, but silvers on dark brown really stand out!  I bought some "natural match" stuff and it came out nice. I think it's by Loreal. I'm pretty sure it's permanent color. Christina, I think level 2 would just wash out? I'm not sure. All I know is I'm very thankful my hubby helps with squishing the stinky stuff onto my hair!! LOLI use whatever is on sale at the grocery store.  I was using permanent color ("level 4"?) but now I use the non-permanent ("level-2"?) stuff, because it gradually fades without the telltale line between natural and colored hair, and also because I like to change the color frequently.  Nothing drastic... just various reds reddish-browns and browns.

The last time I went platinum blonde I ended up getting pregnant with my first son.  To say that the husband liked it would be an understatement...

If haircolor were truly dangerous, hairdressers would be dropping dead.  I'm not recommending anyone drink hair dye, but we're all exposed to much more dangerous stuff in our day-to-day existence.
At home I use Loreal products but at the salon I am not sure what she uses, I let her color my hairand I have psoriasis on the scalp, and it doesn't hurt so I think you will be ok to use  hair color memeI get my hair colored at the salon. I have noticed several times since taking methotrexate that the hair around my temples, and whatever hair comes in contact with my skin has turned a bluish/ash color. My hairdresser said it could be from the meds. Fortunately, he was able to correct the color, so no big deal. I also notice that I have to get my hair touched up more frequently. I used to have my hairdresser touch up the roots about once a month, now it is every 3 weeks. I'm not sure why, maybe my hair is growing faster due to the folic acid? Who knows. My hair is nearly waist length and starting to get thinner, I'm thinking of getting some of those extensions where you sort of tape the hair to the underside of your natural hair. My girlfriend (african american) has them and her hair is beautiful! I don't know if it will work on my texture of hair though. I'm going to check into it though. I've gotten considerably "older looking" in the past year and find I need to work harder to look presentable. I'm 40, btw. Love, J

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